FARMINGTON — Flames on Wednesday engulfed vines lining fences outside of trailers off East Murray Drive.

The fire started at about 10 p.m. and was put out quickly, said Farmington Fire Department Battalion Chief Mark Milne. No one was hurt.

The cause of the fire is not known.

"The vines that run along the edge of the fence somehow caught fire," Milne said.

Randy and Sherry Casena live up the street from the trailer where the fire started. Sherry Casena manages the nearby Barkley Apartments. When the couple heard the commotion, they left their house to see what was going on.

"I was out here, phone in hand, ready to figure it out," Sherry Casena said.

Randy and Sherry Casena estimate that there have been five or six fires since the Fourth of July.

"It just never stops over on this side," Sherry Casena said.

Neighbors Niko and Ryan Youell and James Torres said the blaze marked the second time that property has had a fire break out in the bushes.

They said they were glad the fire department put the fire out quickly.

The fire stopped about 20 feet from their trailer.

Torres, who is training to be a firefighter, said he went out with the garden hose and tried to put the fire out before the firefighters arrived.

"Fire crews got that three inch (hose)," Torres said. "That does the job a lot better than a garden hose."

Torres and Niko and Ryan Youell weren't the only ones outside with fire hoses.

Rachel Clah and Tyonna and Tazreana Arellano were preparing to leave when they saw the blaze.

Tazreana Arellano said they saw a lot of people in the streets with hoses "trying to save the neighborhood."

They said there were ashes flying through the air, causing residents to become concerned for their own properties.

"Everybody was spraying their trees and bushes," Tazreana Arellano said.

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