FARMINGTON — During a Tuesday work session, the Farmington City Council discussed annexation of three parcels of land.

Developer Joe Kozimor requested that the city annex 50 acres north of West Main Street and U.S. Highway 64 that he plans to develop for housing. Council forwarded the request to the planning and zoning commission to analyze and review.

The second parcel is more than 2,000 acres along U.S. Highway 64 east of Farmington. The council decided to do more studies and analysis on a small portion of land stretching to County Road 350.

Council also decided to send out more surveys to the residents south of Highway 64 who will be affected. In the last round of surveys, about 26 percent of surveys received no response. City Manager Rob Mayes said the next round of surveys aims to find out what that 26 percent thinks about the annexation. He said the city will also hold another meeting to hear from those residents.

Of those who responded to the last survey, 19.5 percent said they did not want to be annexed.

Mayes said annexation provides benefits, such as allowing residents and businesses access to city services. However, annexation also means residents will pay city taxes and will have to meet code compliances.

The final area considered for annexation is more than 1,000 acres southwest of Farmington near the Bisti Highway. The council will conduct more studies, as well as a cost-benefit analysis of 923 acres within the larger parcel of land.