AZTEC — The mother of a homicide victim had an emotional outburst directed at the man accused of brutally killing her daughter and was removed from the courtroom during an otherwise routine arraignment.

Cody Soto, of Bloomfield, is charged with first-degree murder, assault and tampering with evidence in the death of Brandy Robinson, 29. He pleaded not guilty to those charges on Tuesday.

Brandy Robinson's mother, Tammy Robinson, said several factors led to her outburst.

Soto was arraigned early Tuesday morning, instead of in the afternoon as scheduled. Tammy Robinson said many of her late daughter's friends were planning to attend the arraignment in a show of support. And, the mother-of-three's 30th birthday would have been last Wednesday.

After Soto's attorney waived the formal reading of the charges and Soto was being taken back to jail, the stress became too much, Tammy Robinson said.

"Everything just built up. I stood up and said, 'I hope you burn in hell you f---ing son-of-a-b---,'" she said. "They asked for the charges not to be read, and that's not right. Everyone in the courtroom should know what he's in there for."

Tammy Robinson said District Judge William Birdsall had her removed from the courtroom indefinitely. She was told later Tuesday she could return for more of Soto's hearings if she first speaks with Birdsall.

Brandy Robinson's parents have said they want to attend every hearing for the man accused of killing their daughter.

Brandy Robinson was found stabbed to death on June 22 near the entrance to Head Canyon south of Farmington. She was stabbed at least 22 times, and she had additional cuts on her body, according to court documents.

Soto was charged with first-degree murder two months after Robinson's death. Soto allegedly admitted that he stabbed Robinson and then recanted those statements during several interviews with San Juan County Sheriff's Office detectives, Detective Lt. Cory Tanner said.

At one point during his interviews, Soto said he was one of several people who killed Robinson. No other person has been charged with murder or other crimes in connection to Brandy Robinson's death.

Soto was served his arrest warrant while he was incarcerated at the San Juan County Adult Detention Center, where he was awaiting charges for battery and false imprisonment in connection to a domestic violence case against Brandy Robinson.

Soto was arrested June 13 after he allegedly body slammed Brandy Robinson on concrete outside of their Bloomfield home, according to court documents.

He was jailed on that charge for a week. Tanner said investigators think Soto was released from jail on June 20 and killed Brandy Robinson that night after they sent each other messages on Facebook planning to meet.

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