Window Rock — The outcome of the Navajo Nation Energy Policy of 2013 remains unknown.

The Navajo Nation Council lost quorum before voting on the energy policy in a special session Wednesday.

Quorum was lost when delegates Elmer Begay, Katherine Benally, Leonard Tsosie and Dwight Witherspoon walked out of the council chamber while the amendments to the bill were being read into record by legislative staff.

Begay and Benally did not return to the chamber after the session concluded.

After the session, Tsosie said he walked out because he had questions about an amendment proposed by Witherspoon.

"I wanted more time to improve the legislation," Witherspoon said of his reason for leaving.

Witherspoon motioned twice to have the bill containing the energy policy deleted from the agenda, but both attempts failed.

Delegate Roscoe Smith, who is sponsoring the bill, said it will return to the council at the fall session next week.