Farmington — Pumpkins lure us with both mystery and a childlike anticipation of fun.


For extra fun, check out a few of the more unusual varieties of the pumpkin:

Jarrahdale: The ribbed, smooth, blue-gray skin and flat profile of this New Zealand heirloom will have your visitors stopping to take a closer look.

Rouge vif d'Etampes: This French heirloom was the most popular market pumpkin in 1880s France and the inspiration for Cinderella's coach.

Lumina: Carved and lit from within, this pumpkin's snowy-white skin over its orange flesh makes a perfectly ghostly centerpiece.

Knucklehead: A gnarly take on the traditional Jack, this pumpkin is covered in warts.

Magical minis: Try pure white Baby Boo or classic orange Jack-Be-Little, the slightly flattened ribbed charmers ideally sized for a toddler's grip.