FARMINGTON — Patrice DeLorenzo Brown grew up in the northwestern part of the United States and was always in awe of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

As a junior in high school, she thought she was going to be a nurse. But after starting college, she decided to pursue a bachelor's degree in fine arts, which she then followed with a master's in fine arts.

On Thursday, DeLorenzo Brown greeted friends, fellow artists and art enthusiasts at a reception for her current show, Quiet Places.

The show is on display at San Juan College's Humanities Balcony Art Gallery. It will run through Nov. 22.

DeLorenzo Brown said she came up with the name for her show, Quiet Places, while looking over her paintings.

"Autumn" by Patrice DeLorenzo Brown is displayed at San Juan College. The piece is part of DeLorenzo Brown’s latest show, entitled Quiet
"Autumn" by Patrice DeLorenzo Brown is displayed at San Juan College. The piece is part of DeLorenzo Brown's latest show, entitled Quiet Places. (Courtesy of San Juan College)

"It just came to me because that's what I like to paint," she said.

The scenes in her paintings include lone trees, lights at night, winter snow storms and brightly colored trees lining the river during autumn.

For DeLorenzo Brown, her subjects appear to her sometimes while she's walking or driving. She pointed to two of her paintings hanging side-by-side on a wall at her latest show, "In the Light of Night" and "Waking Moments."

"I opened the door of where I was living, and it just took my breath away," DeLorenzo Brown said.

She said it was too cold to paint outside, so she took a snapshot with her cell phone and painted from that,

Usually, though, she works from life and from thoughts and memories.

DeLorenzo Brown said painting is a passion for her.

"It's like I have to do it," she said.

She said she is grateful for the opportunity to express herself creatively.

"Being expressive is just important and it's healthy for the soul," she said.

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