On Friday, Aztec Ruins National Monument will host its second annual recycling collection drive from noon to 6 p.m. in honor of America Recycles Day.

The public can bring in recyclable items, and rangers will take them to be recycled for free.

What to know: Please separate all materials into different bags or boxes.

What will be collected: The park will collect plastics No. 1 to 6, aluminum, glass, paper, ink/toner cartridges, batteries, electronics,and small appliances. Light bulbs will be collected as well, but place those in boxes instead of bags to avoid hazards.

What will not be collected: Large appliances and garbage will not be accepted.

Where to go: The recycling drop area will be set up near the entrance to Aztec Ruins National Monument. The ruins are located at 84 County Road 2900 in Aztec.

For more information, contact the Visitor Center at 505-334-6174