FARMINGTON — Ingrid Law has a message for her readers: everyone has a special gift.

The author of bestselling novels "Savvy" and "Scumble" visited Farmington Thursday and Friday, making appearances at the Farmington Public Library and at Ladera Elementary School.

"Savvy," which was published in 2008, is children's fantasy book that focuses on Mibs Beaumont, who, at age 13, inherits a "savvy," a supernatural power that allows her to communicate telepathically.

"I hoped by the time readers got to the end of the book they'd be able to ask themselves 'What's my savvy?'" Law told the audience at the library Thursday.


Kerstin Emerson, the librarian at Tibbetts Middle School, attended the presentation Thursday and took back two signed books for the middle school's library. She says Law succeeded in her goal.

"She shows kids that everybody has a special talent," Emerson said.

Before publishing "Savvy," Law worked for 16 years in Boulder County's Clerk and Recorder Divisions in Colorado. At the time, she was a single mother raising a daughter.

"Being a single parent on a government salary is always challenging, but I enjoyed writing in the evenings after she went to sleep," Law said.

Three days after she finished "Savvy," Law saw a post in an online chat board from an agent looking for stories about large, quirky families. Law submitted her manuscript to him, and within a couple hours, he responded.

The agent sent "Savvy" to 13 publishers and quickly received multiple responses, Law recalled. The Penguin Group published the book.

As the popularity of "Savvy" soared and the book became a success, Law quit her job and bought a house in Lafayette, Colo.

 Ingrid Law signs a copy of her book, "Scumble" for Jessie Curry, Thursday, Nov, 14, 2013, at the Farmington Library in Farmington.
Ingrid Law signs a copy of her book, "Scumble" for Jessie Curry, Thursday, Nov, 14, 2013, at the Farmington Library in Farmington. ( Jon Austria /The Daily Times )

The American Library Association named the novel a Newbery Honor Book in 2009.

Law said she was shocked. She took her daughter shopping, and they filled up a cart with food, which they later donated to a shelter.

"I believe when good things happen to you, you have to pay back the world," Law said.

Law has also written a sequel to "Savvy," called "Scumble." She said that she is now writing the third part of the story, "Switched," which is scheduled to be released in 2015.

Eva Davids, a student at Ladera Elementary, attended the presentation at the library on Thursday. She said her third-grade teacher finished reading "Savvy" to the class earlier in the week.

"I'm really hoping a year and a half will pass so I can get 'Switched,'" she said.

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Writing tips from author Ingrid Law

Writing can be a complicated process. Bestselling author Ingrid Law offered some writing tips for aspiring authors during a presentation at the Farmington Public Library on Thursday.

Rewrite and revise: Law said she completed nine revisions to her manuscript "Savvy" before it was published. The first revisions are large, such as cutting scenes or characters. Later revisions are smaller, such as grammar.

Read: "As soon as I became a reader, I wanted to be a writer," Law said.

Have courage: Law said you have to be brave to make necessary changes and to share your work with other people.

Start off treating your story as a playground: Law said you should have lots of fun writing your story and "climb on all the equipment." She said the equipment can be something simple like the language used in the story.