FARMINGTON — As Farmington artist Kathy Ewing stood in Times Square for the reception of an art show featuring one of her paintings, she looked at New York City's buildings and lights.

And then she thought, "I could just stay here and paint forever."

Ewing displayed her art at the International Women's Art Salon and Theater Lab in New York City. She is currently showing at the Solo Artist's Salon and the Producer's Club in Times Square. After the current show is over, her art will be moved to the Lura Restaurant on Columbus Avenue in New York City.

Ewing said her daughter, Tracy Mann, saw a call to artists in a newspaper asking for people to participate in Estrogenius, an art festival featuring female artists from all over the world. Estrogenius, which started in 2000, features plays, teen performances, solo theatrical shows, visual arts and dance.

Mann, who lives on New York's Stanton Island, had a painting her mother created entitled "A Dance to Remember." The painting depicts Mann feeding Ewing's dog, Honey, who is on his hind legs dancing.

"She just snatched it off the wall and took it up there," Ewing said.

The Estrogenius curator liked the art and asked Ewing to do a one-artist show at the Producer's Club, Ewing said.

Ewing took 18 of her paintings with her when she went to New York City. She said she was able to enjoy only a couple of days of Estrogenius. For the most part, she was busy framing and matting the paintings.

Ewing said she got her start painting in first grade. Her teacher let her use colored chalk to paint a nativity scene on the blackboard. She said she has loved art ever since.

"It's just part of my live," Ewing said.

Sometimes, she will go a while without painting. Then she'll look at something in nature or even at her china cabinet and she'll start seeing paintings in it.

"Then I know it's time to go to work again," she said.

While Ewing has worked with oil and acrylics, she said she prefers watercolors.

"I like the spontaneity of it," she said.

She said watercolors have at times surprised her, like when the paint creates a nice arch shape.

"There was something about it that kind of painted itself," she said.

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