Shiprock — Central Consolidated School District board members Tuesday night declined a request to allow appeals of a decision to fire a Shiprock High School teacher.

The teacher was terminated after detaining a student and not allowing her to use the restroom, causing the student to urinate on herself.

The board reached its decision after meeting for an hour in executive session.

Board member Randy Manning cast the only vote against a motion made by board vice president Matthew Tso to decline the grievance hearing.

"Just hearing what happened is shocking I hope it never happens again," Tso said.

The board also voted three to two to decline a discharge hearing and to have CCSD Superintendent Don Levinski continue to handle the matter.

Earlier in the meeting, the father of the student pleaded with the board not to consider the teacher's request to be reinstated.

Dwayne Yellowhair told the board that his daughter is a good student and did not deserve that type of treatment.

"I hate that this happened to my daughter," he said.

The incident happened when Shiprock High School was conducting an unannounced drug search and the school was placed on a lockdown.

Yellowhair said his daughter repeatedly asked the teacher to use the restroom but the teacher declined each request.

At one point, he turned to members of the teachers union and asked how they could support the teacher, who was discharged by the district after an investigation.

The union filed a grievance and discharge hearing appeal to the board.

In an interview while the board was in executive session, Yellowhair said his daughter has no disciplinary actions, is studying towards being class valedictorian, and "is everything this school should be proud of."

In a press release, the union declined to comment on the specifics of the accusations because it is a personnel matter.

"However, this issue and the Central Consolidated Schools' public response represents a continuing danger to the students and staff of the school district that reach beyond this incident," union president Mel Sharp said.

The union reiterated that the incident occurred during a surprise lockdown that lasted almost two hours with no advance notice.

They also maintain that the district does not provide an official policy or training to guide teachers on proper procedures during lockdowns.

"The lack of a policy and contingency for these situations is a serious oversight," the press releases stated.

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