FARMINGTON — From blues music to sculptures, Aztec will show off local and national talent this weekend at three different venues.

On Friday night, two Aztec art galleries will have receptions for their shows, and, on Saturday and Sunday, Studebaker John will perform at Crash Music.

Elnora Teasyatwho, a Navajo weaver whose art is also displayed at the Smithsonian Institution, will show her work at a gallery her husband, Ambrose Teasyatwho, owns. Her work will be displayed alongside wood carvings by her husband, as well as pieces from gourd artist and painter Doug Miller, recycled art artist Betty Mauldin, metal sculptor Lorenzo Hogue, ink and pencil artist Amos Trujillo and mixed-media and recycled art artist and painter Beth McClure.

Elnora Teasyatwho will be displaying her Navajo rugs Friday at A. Teasyatwho Gallery in Aztec.
Elnora Teasyatwho will be displaying her Navajo rugs Friday at A. Teasyatwho Gallery in Aztec. (Courtesy of Katee McClure)

McClure, who works for Animas River Arts and Entertainment, is often more likely putting together an art show than participating in one.

However, she has been creating art her entire life. Before moving to Farmington, McClure gained recognition in art shows in Las Vegas, Nev.

"Painting for me is pretty intense," McClure said.

The majority of her paintings, she said, she never shows anyone.

To take a break from the intensity of painting, McClure started dabbling in mixed-media and recycled, or upcycled, art.

"I think I just needed a break from the paintbrush," she said.

The Ambrose Teasyatwho Gallery has been a prominent Aztec gallery for about 15 years, although Ambrose Teasyatwho had to scale back on the shows to care for his ailing parents. The show on Friday will be the gallery's holiday show.

Ambrose Teasyatwho Gallery coordinated with Feat of Clay Gallery to arrange for the galleries' shows to be on the same day in hopes of reviving the Main Street culture.

Feat of Clay Gallery will show art by three local artists: photographer and digital artist Elaine Frink, metal artist Lou Mancel and potter Toni Trosky.

Trosky was one of the original members of Feat of Clay when it opened 13 years ago. However, she left to focus on her own gallery. She recently rejoined the co-op, and this will be her first show since rejoining.

"Seemingly Similar & Yet So Different" by Beth McClure is displayed in a window.
"Seemingly Similar & Yet So Different" by Beth McClure is displayed in a window. (Courtesy of Katee McClure)

She said she will have various slab and coil pots in the show.

"It is something that is back in my memory bank from when I was in Spain," Trosky said.

Trosky grew up in Andalucia, Spain, and she said the slab and coil pots remind her of the landscape there.

"When I make them, I feel a connection to my birthplace," she said.

Andalucia is also where the majority of Spanish pottery comes from. Trosky said she grew up using it, touching it and seeing it.

"I have had that in me since I was a child," she said.

Following the art receptions, on Saturday, Studebaker John, a blues musician from Chicago, will play at Crash Music.

"It's kind of a blues you can dance to," said Sue Rys, one of the owners of Crash Music.

Studebaker John will also teach a harmonica class on Sunday.

George Rowe, the co-owner of Crash Music, said the class will tie the harmonica to the voice.

"Basically, harmonica music is vocal," Rowe said.


What: Art receptions

When: 5 to 7 p.m. Friday at Feat of Clay and 5 to 8 p.m. Friday at A. Teasyatwho Gallery

What: Studebaker John Concert

When: 7:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: Crash Music

Cost: $12

More Info:

What: Harmonica class

When: 1 p.m. Sunday

Where: Crash Music

Cost: $30

More Info:

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