BLOOMFIELD — The Bloomfield Public Health Office, 903 W. Broadway Ave., is temporarily closed after a water main at the facility broke on Thursday, causing flooding in the office's parking lot and inside the building.

The office provides services through the Women, Infants and Children programs, children's medical services and preventative health services.

"We are going to wait for the county to tell us when they are done and then make a determination from there as to when we can open up again," said David Morgan, spokesman for the state's Department of Health. "We may not be able to open up right away. The problem is in the hands of county services workers."

To avoid a discontinuation of services, the Department of Health has ordered Bloomfield Public Health Office staff to work out of the Farmington office, 355 S. Miller Ave.

Staff at the Bloomfield office are in the process of contacting clients to redirect them to the Farmington office. Calls to Bloomfield will be automatically redirected to Farmington.

Clients seeking information can call the Farmington Public Health Office at 505-327-4461.