FARMINGTON — Thanks to the efforts of two middle school students, a lost diamond ring has been found and returned to its owner.

Farmington police presented Katelynn Peterson and Myriah Calder, both seventh graders at Heights Middle School, with Good Samaritan awards after the girls returned a diamond ring they found following a band and orchestra concert on Oct. 28.

The girls, who are cousins, discovered the ring after Calder's mother, Natalie Roberts, stepped on it after the concert in the school cafeteria.

"It looked like something from Claire's, but it was quite heavy, so we were confused," Peterson said.

Calder and Peterson gave the ring to Shaun Goodsell, the school resource officer, who was at the concert.

Officers took the ring to three local jewellers in hopes of identifying the owner but were unsuccessful, according to Georgette Allen, a Farmington police spokeswoman.

Police found the owner after Goodsell sent home a letter with students who performed at the concert. The owner of the ring did not want to be identified, and her name was not released.

"I'm just glad the lady got her ring back," Calder said. "If it was my ring, I would have been devastated if I lost it."

On Nov. 21, Farmington police recognized Peterson and Calder for their work in returning the ring.

"The department was proud of what the students did, when they could have kept it for themselves," Allen said. "The students showed good character, and it needed to be recognized."

The parents of the girls are also proud of their actions.

"You hope your kids turn out to be good, honest and hardworking," Roberts said. "It makes me proud."

Amy Foust, Peterson's mother, said she wasn't surprised by her daughter's actions. As a reward for returning the ring, the family went out for dinner and ice cream.

"She didn't even think for a second to keep the ring," Foust said. "The experience has been really positive. People do care about the good things that happen."

Joshua Kellogg covers education for The Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4627 and Follow him @jkelloggdt on Twitter.