FARMINGTON — Police late Monday night found a missing man's body near a dirt road in Crouch Mesa.

Police said Randy McKenzie, 39, was shot to death and his body was left on small hill on an oil field road about three miles east of county roads 350 and 5030, according to court documents. He was shirtless and had been shot in the chest. His pants and underwear were pulled down, according to court documents.

Police are seeking Mark Hinojos, a 24-year-old San Juan County man, on a warrant charging him with second-degree murder for McKenzie's death, Farmington police Detective Sgt. Brandon Lane said Tuesday. He had not been arrested as of Tuesday evening.

Sabrina Pacheco, a 46-year-old Farmington woman, and Angel Barney Mares, a 33-year-old Crouch Mesa man, were arrested late Monday on suspicion of tampering with evidence and conspiracy to tamper with evidence in connection to the case.

Police searched Pacheco and Cindy Haston's Farmington apartment, at 3986 N. Butler, early Monday to investigate a shooting that took place in the early morning hours on Sunday at a surprise birthday party for Hinojos there.

Rhonna Tenorio, McKenzie's sister, reported the shooting to police on Sunday afternoon after hearing rumors about her brother's death on Facebook, according to court documents.

On Sunday, police interviewed Haston who said she was asleep during the party and heard gunshots, but when she awoke everyone had left, according to the documents.

Several other people who were not at the party called police on Sunday to report they heard rumors about a fatal shooting at the apartment, the documents state.

Police on Monday received a tip from an anonymous source that Pacheco's car was at a home on County Road 5500 and the vehicle had been used to cover up the shooting, according to court documents.


Police said in court documents they found Pacheco's vehicle with traces of blood in it at the residence.

The same source then told police Sabrina Pacheco, Mares and Orlando Johnson, of Crouch Mesa, were hiding somewhere on a cluster of properties owned by the Mares family near County Road 5572 and that all three helped cover up the shooting, according to court documents.

A standoff ensued for several hours Monday afternoon between police and the three suspects who were inside a trailer. The Farmington police SWAT team was involved.

The suspects didn't respond to the SWAT team's request for them to turn themselves in. Most of the police officers involved in the standoff left the area before two young girls were dropped of by a school bus at about 3:30 p.m.

Lane said several Farmington investigators stayed outside Mares' trailer Monday evening. Sabrina Pacheco eventually came out to talk to detectives and Mares and Johnson ran from the back. Police arrested all three suspects and questioned them Monday evening.

Johnson was arrested on an outstanding warrant and hasn't been charged with a crime in connection with McKenzie's death, Lane said.

Patrick Pacheco, Sabrina Pacheco's son who also lives in the apartment where the shooting took place, told police Monday evening, according to the court documents, that he saw the shooting. He said several people were in the garage at the apartment when McKenzie started fighting with an unknown man. Patrick Pacheco said he and Mares broke up the fight and several seconds later Hinojos drew a firearm and started to shoot McKenzie in the chest, according to court documents.


Sabrina Pacheco told police in an interview after her arrest she walked into her garage right after the shooting and saw Hinojos standing above a lifeless McKenzie. She said several people at the party loaded his body into a vehicle and she rode in the vehicle with Mares, Hinojos and an unknown man and woman to Crouch Mesa and left McKenzie's body near a dirt road there, according to court documents.

Farmington detectives and U.S. Marshals are searching for Hinojos and have a warrant for his arrest, Lane said.

In addition to the recent warrant, Hinojos has several pending cases in district court.

In April, he was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, armed robbery, two counts of aggravated burglary and criminal damage to property in connection to an incident in Crouch Mesa.

He is scheduled to go to trial in that case in February.

In October, Hinojos was arrested for suspicion of trafficking methamphetamine.

In that case, police in court documents said Hinojos is a member of a gang called the Southside Locos. After receiving information from an anonymous source police said they arrested Hinojos with 451 grams of methamphetamine in his vehicle at Spanish Baptist Church in Farmington, according to court documents.

San Juan County Chief Deputy District Attorney Dustin O'Brien said Hinojos posted bond on his trafficking charge and was released from jail on Nov. 6.

On Nov. 20, he waived his right to a preliminary hearing. Prosecutors filed a motion to revoke Hinojos' conditions of release for the kidnapping charge on Nov. 26.

"Once it made it past the preliminary hearing stage we filed a motion to revoke the conditions of release," he said. "A hearing (for the motion) hasn't been set yet."

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