FARMINGTON — Farmington's Public Works director will present a traffic analysis of Main Street to the Farmington City Council during the body's work session 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

Public Works Director David Sypher said a 2005 study examined East Main Street, but no study has been conducted examining West Main Street.

Some residents and city officials have said traffic is heavy on the street, he said, but is uncertain what exactly the issue is.

"We're trying to give an objective analysis to council so that they can answer that very question," he said.

Department staff are reviewing traffic and crash data for East Main Street from Hutton Avenue to English Drive, Sypher said. The results will be in the Main Street Traffic Operations Corridor Analysis, he said.

It will give council information to potentially request a study of West Main Street.

Sypher will also brief the council on potential construction of dual left turn lanes at the intersection of Main Street and Beckland Drive and a feasibility and traffic impact study of Herrera Road from Cliffside Drive to English Drive, according to the council agenda.