FARMINGTON Agents in an anti-narcotics task force have arrested a Kirtland man who they say was the leader of a large-scale methamphetamine dealing network in San Juan County.

Casey Stallings, 29, was arrested Monday at his home on County Road 6255. A search of the home uncovered 1.7 pounds of meth, 10 grams of heroin, a stolen handgun and a small amount of prescription drugs and marijuana, according to a San Juan County Sheriff's Office news release.

Lt. Neil Haws, the director of the Region II Narcotics Task Force, said a four-month investigation revealed Stallings was the leader of a group of meth dealers in San Juan County. The group included Stallings' girlfriend, Jessica Lucero, 24, who was also arrested Monday.

"We'll stop a good amount of meth from hitting the streets for a while," Haws said. "Right now, he's one of the top three dealers we have (in San Juan County)."

Haws said agents are continuing to investigate Stallings' associates, and more arrests may come soon.

Haws said the meth Stallings sells in San Juan County is produced in Mexico. He added that Stallings' meth is believed to be some of the purest in the region, which means that compared to other meth police confiscate, it hasn't been cut with other chemicals to decrease its purity and increase its weight.

"There's talk on the streets about how good the stuff is that comes from him," Haws said. "We haven't gotten purity tests back yet. ... But I know it's high purity."

Stallings has two prior felony drug trafficking convictions. In November 2005, he was convicted of dealing marijuana, and in February 2006, he was convicted of dealing meth.

He was also convicted of robbery in 2007 and aggravated battery against a household member in 2005, according to a state court website.

He also has a pending meth possession case in district court, according to the website.

When narcotics agents raided Stallings' home, Lucero and William Gann, 31, were inside and were also arrested.

Gann was arrested on suspicion of possession of meth and heroin and was booked on those charges and a probation violation, according to the news release.

Ryan Boetel covers crime and San Juan County for The Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4644 and Follow him @rboetel on Twitter.