FARMINGTON The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are preparing for today's Super Bowl, and Farmington businesses are also gearing up for the big day.

Through specials and prizes, businesses hope to attract customers and encourage them to watch the big game — and spend money — at their establishments.

Clancy's Pub, 2703 E. 20th St., is offering prizes and specials for customers during the game. Lewis McMullen, the manager and owner of the bar and restaurant, said the pub will offer a free nacho bar during the game so that people can make their own nachos. The pub will sell wings for half price, and customers can win a few special edition Super Bowl jerseys in a drawing during half time.

McMullen said the Super Bowl always attracts a large number of people to Clancy's.

"Last year, we sold the house," he said.

Inside Clancy's on Saturday, the Joe family — many of whom were decked out in Denver Broncos gear — ate and discussed their plans for Super Bowl Sunday.

Harry Joe Sr. became a Denver Broncos fan in 1978 when the Broncos and Dallas Cowboys played in the Super Bowl.

Before that, Joe didn't know a lot about football. Shortly before the 1978 Super Bowl, his family, which was comprised mostly of Cowboys fans, asked him to pick up soda for the Super Bowl party. Joe unwittingly bought Orange Crush. The Cowboys fans got upset and threw the soda outside and explained to Joe that orange was one of the Broncos' colors.

Ever since then, Joe has been a Broncos fan.

"I guess they shouldn't have thrown out those sodas," said his son, Harry Joe Jr., with a laugh.

After becoming a Broncos fan, Harry Joe Sr. took his family to several Broncos games. His wife, Carletta Joe, said everything, including the vehicles, at the games are blue and orange. Sometimes, Harry Joe Jr. teases Seahawks and Cowboys fans who have never been to their teams' stadiums.

Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawk jerseys hang Saturday near the entrance of Clancy’s Pub in Farmington. The jersey will be auctioned off during
Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawk jerseys hang Saturday near the entrance of Clancy's Pub in Farmington. The jersey will be auctioned off during half time of today's Super Bowl. (Jon Austria/ The Daily Times)

When Harry Joe Jr. married Jennilee Joe, she was not a Broncos fan. But, after five or six years, he converted her. On Saturday, she donned a Broncos jersey alongside her husband and children.

On Saturday, the Joes had not yet decided where to have their Super Bowl party.

Harry Joe Jr. said part of him wanted to go out and celebrate, but he also wanted the quiet, more relaxing home environment and his mother's Navajo tacos.

But while the Joes were leaning toward staying home, many others had already made plans to celebrate at area businesses.

SunRay Park and Casino, 39 Road 5568, already sold nearly to capacity the three rooms it set aside for the Super Bowl, according to Bradley Boehm, the casino's chief operating officer.

Boehm said the casino had about 600 reservations, as of Friday.

"We're pretty close to full," he said, adding there will be some walk-in seating available on Sunday.

SunRay will also give away prizes, including restaurant vouchers and televisions, Boehm said.

At the casino, players can earn seven times the reward points at the slot machines.

The three rooms reserved for Super Bowl celebrations have been equipped with big screen televisions, and the restaurants will have food and drink specials. Boehm said Super Bowl Sunday is especially a big day for the restaurants associated with SunRay Park and Casino.

Not only do local restaurants experience a lot of business on Super Bowl Sunday, but grocery stores also see their sales increase.

David Piper, an assistant manager at Farmers Market in Flora Vista, said while Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the store's three busiest days, "Super Bowl would probably fall about fourth, along with Labor Day and Memorial Day."

In preparation, Farmers Market has started stocking up on popular Super Bowl foods and has had a sale on chips this week.

The chefs at Farmers Market have also been busy.

"We do all the dips, and we make our own pico de gallo and guacamole," Piper said.

In the bakery and deli, the chefs made giant cookies for each team, as well as cakes and cupcakes.

The store is also preparing for deliveries and catering at Super Bowl parties.

"It's a big day for us, food-wise," Piper said.

Hannah Grover covers news, arts and religion for The Daily Times. She can be reached at 505-564-4652 and Follow her @hmgrover on Twitter.