FARMINGTON — The San Juan County Sheriff's Office announced Thursday that it is petitioning to have a teenager charged with selling marijuana from his Farmington home.

Last month, the sheriff's office Special Enforcement Team started investigating a group of teenagers who were selling "moderate amounts of marijuana amongst their peers," said Sgt. Scott Facka.

The investigation led to a home on Sullivan Avenue in Farmington. A search of the home uncovered 7 ounces of marijuana, according to a sheriff's office news release.

Facka said a 17-year-old lived at the home, and investigators believe he was selling marijuana to other teenagers at the home and possibly at other locations.

Unlike with adult criminal cases, law enforcement must file a petition with a court to have a minor charged or arrested on suspicion of a crime, he said.

The sheriff's office filed a petition with juvenile probation to have the 17-year-old charged with distribution of marijuana.

Facka said juvenile probation said the suspect didn't meet the agency's criteria for incarceration, so he has not been arrested.

The sheriff's office said district attorneys are reviewing the case, and the teenager's parents may be charged with "knowing and permitting the juvenile to possess the drugs," according to the news release.

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