What: Photo show reception

When: 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, March 16

Where: Riverside Nature Center

More info: 505-599-1422

FARMINGTON — A photo show at the Riverside Nature Center is giving community members a chance to show off their skills.

The annual Riverside Nature Center show features pictures taken by Four Corners area residents in Animas and Berg parks.

Carlene Horton submitted a photo of her niece dressed in traditional Navajo clothes standing on the bridge in Animas Park.

A few years ago her niece, Kenley Cannon, came to visit.

"She wanted to know a little bit about her culture," Horton said.

Cannon is half-Navajo and grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

In order to help her feel more connected with the Navajo culture, Horton dressed her in traditional Navajo clothes and took a picture.

A series of photographs waiting to be displayed on Friday for the annual Riverside Nature Center Photo Show.
A series of photographs waiting to be displayed on Friday for the annual Riverside Nature Center Photo Show. (Jon Austria /The Daily Times)

She said she wanted to show Cannon that she will always have a culture here in New Mexico and that she is part of the Navajo tribe.

While Horton hasn't shown her photos a lot, she said she enjoys taking pictures.

Cannon, whose grandfather was a Navajo Code Talker, said it is important for Navajo families to keep their culture alive and to teach the younger generations the traditions.

In addition to portraits, the photo show also features pictures from events like Riverfest and nature photos.

Susan Levin submitted one of her nature photos.

Levin, who is a member of the Four Corners Photographic Society, enjoys attending weekly bird walks at the nature center.

During one of these walks, a fellow birder told them about a hummingbird nest near the bridge.

Levin started going to see the nest on her own.

One day, while she was taking pictures, she captured a photo of the mother hummingbird feeding the two babies.

She said it happened very quickly, partially because of the speed at which hummingbirds move.

"I just happened to be there at the right moment," she said.

Levin said she has participated in previous Riverside Nature Center photo shows, including one over the winter.

She said she likes the variety of pictures at the show. The only common theme of these pictures is that they were taken in the park.

"You never know when you go to the park what you're going to see," she said.

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