FARMINGTON — Extra police officers will be searching for drunken drivers and they will set up two sobriety checkpoints in San Juan County this weekend as part of a state-wide initiative to crackdown on DWIs.

Thursday to Tuesday is a "mini superblitz," according to a San Juan County Sheriff's Office news release.

Sheriff's office deputies will hold at least one sobriety checkpoint during that time. The office won't say exactly when or where the checkpoint will be, said Sgt. Devon Dollar.

In addition to the checkpoint, additional deputies will be patrolling the streets for DWIs.

On Friday, New Mexico State Police will have a sobriety checkpoint somewhere in the county. And again, law enforcement officials won't disclose exactly when or where it will be, state police Sgt. Ron Foreman said in a news release.

Georgette Allen, a Farmington police spokeswoman, said Farmington will also have additional officers on patrol this weekend.

A "superblitz" is a term used to describe periods when police agencies have extra officers on patrol to enforce drunken driving laws during holiday weekends, Dollar said.

State funds allotted to the different agencies pay for the extra enforcement.

Farmington police will receive nearly $66,000 this year to help pay for DWI checkpoints and extra patrol officers, Allen said.

Dollar said the sheriff's office gets more than $24,000 a year for the extra DWI enforcement.

Dollar said the superblitz events are scheduled around holiday weekends because many people drink alcohol and there are more travelers.

Dollar said the state superblitzes are around Christmas, New Year's Eve, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July and St. Patrick's Day, which is Monday.

"The superblitz campaign makes the public aware that we're out there and reminds them not to drink and drive," Dollar said.

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