FARMINGTON — Living Door, a local indie rock band, invited the public to participate in its first music video.

The band filmed the video at Skate Away USA, a roller rink, on Saturday during business hours.

The video features the band's song "Friends" from its first CD, which will be released later this year. During the release party at the historic Aztec theater, the band will show the video. The date for the release has not yet been decided.

"The song itself gives a light feel," said Terry Martin, the band's lead singer. "We're just trying to capture this and at the same time support a local business."

He said they wanted to capture the feel of a skating rink.

 Cameraman AJ Roper sets up a shot, Saturday, March 8, 2014, for a music video for Living Door at Skate Away USA in Farmington.
Cameraman AJ Roper sets up a shot, Saturday, March 8, 2014, for a music video for Living Door at Skate Away USA in Farmington. ( Jon Austria / The Daily Times )

Lorraine Pino, the manager of Skate Away USA, didn't know what to expect when the band asked if they could film the music video there, but she agreed as a way to help promote the band.

"Anything to promote local guys," she said. "I mean, why not?"

The band has been performing together for about a year. It was formed by Martin and his friend, Colby Caldwell.

Terry Martin, the band's lead singer, met Caldwell, the band's bassist, after his sister married Caldwell's cousin. At that time, Martin was living in Atlanta, Ga. He said he got tired of the big city life and wanted wide, open spaces. Three years ago, Martin packed up and moved to Aztec, where he works at the HiWay Grill.

At work he met John Culpepper, the band's bassist. Culpepper was in a band with drummer Chris Sam at the time. When he joined Living Door, Sam joined as well.

Martin's nieces, Madison and Macie Daily, also got parts in the music video. The two girls are big fans of their uncle's band.

"He sings my favorite songs sometimes," Macie, 7, said.

Her mother, Nikki Daily, said Macie's favorite song is "Start Wearing Purple," by Gogol Bordello.

In the video, Macie gets a scene where she is using the "claw" machine to get a stuffed animal that Caldwell wants. When she gets the toy, she waves it in Caldwell's face. Then Caldwell slaps it out of her hand.

Brooklee Martin was celebrating her 13th birthday with a party at Skate Away USA when she heard about the filming.

"I didn't want to be in it at first, but then my sister wanted to," Martin said.

Martin overcame her reluctance and said she had a good time, laughing with her friends about their roles in the video.

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