FARMINGTON The Dream Diné Charter School will be hosting two information meetings for interested families who want to learn more about the school and enroll their children.

The goal of the meetings is to answer questions from parents about the school's curriculum and philosophy of teaching, said director of operations and outreach Gavin Sosa.

"We've had a lot of families interested in enrolling," Sosa said.

Governing board member Rose Nofchissey said the governing board members are designing the curriculum based on the Diné philosophy of life, bringing the four sacred directions of Dine life — east, south, west and north — to influence how subjects are taught.

Nature and the environment will play a factor in the curriculum along with mixing the Diné and English languages into lessons.

"I'm really excited about how the students will be using the environment to learn and solve problems," Nofchissey said. "It's an aspirational approach to learning."

Sosa said members of the governing board will be sharing information about the school location, grade levels and how the lottery enrollment process works.

The charter school will be offering two kindergarten classes and one first grade class this year with each class containing 15 students.

One grade will be added each school year up to eighth grade.

Sosa said about 15 students have enrolled in the school since the January and if the total number of applications exceeds the spots available, the school will host a lottery to select the students.

If selected students decline to enroll, prospective students on a waiting list will fill the open spots.

A temporary location for the school on the Diné College campus in Shiprock is being finalized, according to Sosa.

Sosa said the governing board members are eager to answer questions from parents and talk about the years of work they have put into the project.

"This is where we want to make sure what we are creating meets the expectations and values of the community," Sosa said.


What: Dream Dine Charter School information meeting

When: March 20 and April 3 from 6 to 7 p.m.

Where: Shiprock Chapter House on U.S. Highway 64 in Shiprock 

More Info: Go to The school can be contacted at or call 505-948-2014.

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