FARMINGTON — For the past two weeks, about 60 pieces of art have been displayed in 15 businesses as part of the annual People's Choice art exhibit.

The exhibit invites the public to vote for their favorite art. Voting ends Friday after the Spring Art Walk. The winners will be announced Saturday.

As of Friday, Liz Stannard, a member of the People's Choice Committee, had already collected on box full of ballots from Three Rivers Art Center, 109 N. Allen Ave.

People voting for art start at the art center, where they receive their ballots and a map. They can then go to the 15 different venues and look at the art. Once they have decided their favorite piece of art, they cast their ballots at the art center. They can also vote for their favorite piece of student art. Eleven pieces of art by San Juan College students are displayed at the Farmington Civic Center, 200 W. Arrington St.


The ARC of San Juan County, 200 W. Broadway Ave.

Artifacts Gallery, 302 E. Main St.

B & B Bridal, 228 W. Main St.

Dusty Attic, 111 W. Main St.

Farmington Civic Center, 200 W. Arrington St.

The Daily Times, 201 N. Allen Ave.

La Petit Salon, 406 W. Broadway Ave.

Mikasa, 400 W. Main St.

Mon s Spanish Grill, 121 W. Main St.

Sherrie s Studio, 101 W. Main St.

SnS Skate Shop, 123 W. Main St.

Studio 116, 116 W. Main St.

Three Rivers Art Center, 109 N. Allen Ave.

Wal Art, 422 W. Main St.

Lillian Rose turned in her ballot on Friday. She said she voted for "Rasta Moths," an acrylic painting by her daughter-in-law, Adrienne Rose. The painting is currently displayed at The Daily Times, 201 N. Allen Ave.

"I think this is so neat that they do this," Lillian Rose said.

Grace Pugh, from Alabama, started looking at the art when she took her grandchildren to the art center for an art class. Pugh was visiting her daughter and grandchildren, who moved to Farmington around three years ago.

"We try to find art every time we come to this area," Pugh said.

She said when she first flew into Albuquerque around three years ago she was amazed at how much art the state has to offer.

In addition to providing people a chance to look at art, the exhibit also helps downtown businesses, which have seen an increase in traffic because of the exhibit. Karen Ellsbury, who owns Studio 116, said in the past two weeks she has had more people come to her studio than any other time period in the year the studio has been open.

"I think that the People's Choice has been very effective in bringing people downtown," she said.

Yvonne Rowell’s "Easy Rider" is on display on Friday at Studio 116 in Farmington.
Yvonne Rowell's "Easy Rider" is on display on Friday at Studio 116 in Farmington. (Jon Austria /The Daily Times)

One piece displayed in the studio's window has attracted interest from art enthusiasts. The piece, "Easy Rider," was created by Yvonne Rowell of Pagosa Springs, Colo., using a cow skull decorated with a black mosaic pattern.

"Her piece in the window has brought several people in to look at the art," Ellsbury said.


What: People's Choice art exhibit

When: Business hours or during Art Walk from 5 to 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Pick up ballots at Three Rivers Art Center, 109 N. Allen Ave. Bring an ID to prove you are older than 16.

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