FARMINGTON — Candidates in Farmington's recent election filed their fourth round of campaign finance reports last week.

The most recent report includes the candidates' contributions and expenditures from Feb. 28 through Thursday. Candidates are required to file their final campaign finance report by Oct. 13.

According to his recent report, Mayor Tommy Roberts spent $741.85 — his only expenditure during his campaign — to reserve the Farmington Civic Center's meeting room and buy decorations, food and drinks for a post-election party on Election Day, which was March 4.

During the campaign, Roberts raised no funds and said he spent his own money on the celebration.

"It's just an expression of appreciation," he said.

Matt Dodson, Roberts' opponent, secured a $1,000 loan in late January, spent almost $641 of it and returned the remaining $359, according to his recent report. He reused signs from his 2013 state senate campaign, which he valued at $1,685.25, and those fund were his only other source of money, according to reports.

Roberts and Dodson have no leftover campaign funds, the reports state.

Nate Duckett, who won the District 4 city council seat, raised more than $11,000 — more than the other eight candidates, according to reports.

In his recent report, Duckett reported $587.63 was donated to his campaign from Feb. 28 through Thursday.

Debra Mayeux, Duckett's opponent, raised $300 in that same time period. Her total campaign contributions were $5,638.66, according to reports.

Municipal Judge Bill Liese raised the second largest amount of campaign funds, grossing $6,350, according to reports. In his most recent report, Liese reported raising $1,375.

Rena Scott competed against Liese and collected $1,601.08 in total contributions.

Part-time Municipal Judge Bill Standley's total contributions were $3,398.58. James Rowland, who ran against Standley, netted $2,966.97, according to reports.

Gayla McCulloch ran uncontested for the District 3 council seat and received $1,036.58 in contributions, the reports state.

Dan Schwartz covers government for The Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4606 and Follow him @dtdschwartz on Twitter.