FARMINGTON — Eighteen teams competed Saturday at the Three Rivers Bass Team Trail's second fishing tournament of the season at Morgan Lake.

The following are the results from the tournament:

First place: Steve Hammond and Skylar Hammond, 12.29 pounds

Second place: Clayton Herrera and Rad Smith, 10.73 pounds

Third place: Tim Bailey and Bill Bailey, 10.24 pounds

Fourth place: Cole Bingham and Jordan McMorris, 9.93 pounds

Fifth place: David Herrera and Donna Herrera, 9.57 pounds

Sixth place: Harold Schlueter and Eric Thornton, 8.84 pounds

Seventh place: Jeff Allen and Sky Wooten, 8.65 pounds

Tied at eighth place: Billy Dunson and Nolan Price, 8.30 pounds, and Roger Berger and Mickey Ahrens, 8.30 pounds

Tenth place: Bud Hall and Robert Carpenter, 8.22 pounds

Tim and Bill Bailey caught the big fish of the tournament, which weighed 3.51 pounds.

For more information on Three Rivers Bass Team Trail, call Billy Dunson at 505-320-1093 or Roger Berger at 505-793-7070.