FARMINGTON — Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly says the tribal government must continue functioning despite the situation surrounding the Navajo Nation Council.

"The executive branch will continue with its administrative functions and the Office of the President and Vice President will continue to represent the Navajo people at the tribal, state and federal levels," Shelly said Tuesday in a press release.

During a special session last week, 12 delegates approved placing Speaker Johnny Naize on paid administrative leave after he was charged with bribery and conspiracy last year for allegedly misusing discretionary funds intended to help tribal members in need.

On Monday, Naize filed a request in Window Rock District Court in Window Rock, Ariz., for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against the delegates who approved placing him on leave and against one legislative branch employee.

District Court Judge Carol Perry has not ruled on Naize's request, and she scheduled a second hearing for April 16.

"The matter is in litigation," Shelly said. "We anticipate an immediate resolution as the court will make the appropriate decision."