FARMINGTON Before the Farmington Municipal School District's Board of Education went into a three-hour executive session at a Thursday special meeting one member talked about what he said were misconceptions and rumors about the board's and the district's operations.

After the meeting, Superintendent Janel Ryan declined to comment on what was discussed during the executive session, which is closed to the public.

But before heading into the session, Mike Isaacson, the board's vice president, spoke about what members would and would not discuss during the executive session.

Isaacson asked the board's president, Sandy Schumacher, if topics like standards-based grading and the contracts of Ryan and Piedra Vista High School wrestling coach Levi Stout would be discussed in the closed session. Stout's contract was not renewed amidst allegations of misconduct after the coach won four consecutive 4A state championships.

Schumacher said neither Stout's nor Ryan's contracts would be discussed during the executive session.

"I want to clarify for the record that we, as a board, have not discussed whether or not to ban standards-based grading or to reinstate coach Stout or ask superintendent Ryan to resign," Isaacson said.

He added: "I understand that these are currently highly publicized issues, and so I wanted to make clear that we as a board did not plan to take immediate action on any of these items."

Isaacson said the board supports the district's progress in improving the grading system. He also said the board has confidence in district policies regarding "non-renewing personnel school contracts" and supports Ryan and her efforts in running the district.

Kyle Rhodes, the board's secretary, supported Isaacson's efforts to clarify what topics would not be discussed in the closed meeting.

The meeting agenda for the executive session listed discussion items on hiring an outside consulting firm to work with senior district officials on communication and "priorities and expectations" for Ryan.

No action was taken on hiring a consulting firm, Schumacher said after the executive session.

Joshua Kellogg covers education forThe Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4527 and Follow him @jkelloggdt on Twitter.