Boo’s old toys are shown on Monday. Boo was less than one-year-old and was recently found decapitated near his home off of Bloomfield Highway.
Boo's old toys are shown on Monday. Boo was less than one-year-old and was recently found decapitated near his home off of Bloomfield Highway. (Megan Farmer — The Daily Times)

FARMINGTON — The owners of a seven-month-old puppy are in shock after their missing dog was found decapitated.

Sherry and Albert Martin, who own the Anasazi Trailer Court off the Bloomfield Highway, found their dog, Boo, on Saturday afternoon.

Sherry Martin, her friend and his son were searching the woods behind the trailers for goats. As the trio walked back from the woods, they saw the blond pile of fur falling apart in the grass.

"The two of us just kind of stood there and looked at him, like 'This isn't real,'" she said, sitting on a couch inside her home. Behind her two parakeets chirped in a cage, and below them a black cat licked its paw. On her lap sat a baby bunny, and in cages around the living room more rabbits were sleeping.

They said they knew Boo's head had been cut off because the wound was precise. His ankles had also been bound, she said.

"And if somebody will do that with an animal, what's next?" she said.

Aside from rabbits, bunnies, dogs, goats, parakeets and cats, the Martins own pigeons, sheep, a cow, alpaca and chickens. It's obvious, Sherry Martin said, that they are animal people. And she said they loved Boo.

"I don't know what kind of person could. ... I can't even fathom it," said Holley Shelby, who lives in the trailer park.

Sherry Martin leaned against Shelby's open door remembering Boo. Shelby stood in her doorway, listening.

"I'd rather just think somebody still has him and loves him," Sherry Martin said. She turned her eyes to the porch. "I mean, if his feet were tied, what did they do to him."

She added the family hasn't found the head of their dog.

The Great Pyrenees-Saint Bernard mix disappeared about two or three days after April 15, Albert Martin said. He remembers the date because he filed a police report with the San Juan County Sheriff's Office after a man and a woman walking with pit bulls on leashes stopped in front of their home yanking on the leashes and angering the pitbull dogs as if they were trying to pit their dogs against the Martin's five canines.

"That's not what my dogs are for," said Albert Martin, who was feeding chickens when he heard his dogs barking and ran up to see what was going on. "They patrol. They're not supposed to be fighters."

Albert Martin asked the couple to leave, explaining that they were walking on private property, and they began to leave. Then he said they turned and started screaming at him. He said the couple finally left after he told him he was calling the sheriff.

He filed the report that day, in case they returned. But he never saw them again.

Sheriff's Office Sgt. Kevin Burns said finding the people who cut the head off of Boo is unlikely.

When Boo disappeared, Albert and Sherry Martin assumed he'd been stolen. The year before, their $1,000 Great Pyrenees was stolen.

So they told county animal control to watch for the white dog with tan patches above his eyes, but Albert Martin said he knew there wasn't much else he could do.

"He was a good dog," said Nicholas Frausto, a resident of the trailer court. "It's just terrible what they did to him. They didn't have to do that."

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