"Crane Dance" by Susan Levin
"Crane Dance" by Susan Levin (Susan Levin — Four Corners Photographic Society)

FARMINGTON —The Four Corners Photographic Society is showing its art at the Farmington Civic Center this month.

The club puts on two shows a year, one in the spring and another in the winter.

The photographs displayed range from animals to landscapes to architecture.

Club member Cristina Van Mersbergen has been involved in the club for about a year. She is displaying four animal photos.

"I just love nature," she said. "That's my favorite part. Being out in nature and then bringing the nature back into my home."

Bob Grossheim also has various animal pictures in addition to landscape pictures he has taken on his trips.

Grossheim attended the Festival of the Cranes last year in Bosque del Apache and took a class along with another club member Stu Wilson on bird photography. Two of the pictures he is currently displaying are from that trip.

Grossheim said photography is different from other art forms because it is capturing an instant in time on film.

"You have to be there at that particular moment," he said.

In order to get one of his crane photographs, Grossheim stood in the Bosque for hours in the cold weather waiting for the right moment.

The society provides an opportunity for members to present their work and techniques to other members during monthly meetings in addition to the shows twice a year.

This opportunity to learn from others is one reason members such as Belinda Groth joined the group three years ago with her best friend, Sandy Rogers, who is now the club's president.

"You get a chance to experiment with other things and to show our work," Groth said.

Groth and Rogers often travel together to take photographs, but enjoy being able to see other people's techniques as well.

"I'm always interested in seeing what other people see that I don't," Rogers said.

"Feeling The Love" by Susan Levin
"Feeling The Love" by Susan Levin (Susan Levin — Four Corners Photographic Society)


What: Four Corners Photographic Society meetings

When: 7 p.m. the second Monday of each month

Where: Room 9006 at San Juan College

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