FARMINGTON — Michael McDonald started writing his first book when he was 14 years old.

Seven years later, McDonald's latest effort, "Star Current" has been published by Tate Publishing.

McDonald published the book under the pen name Adam Edward McLechlinno, which he got be rearranging the letters in his name.

McDonald was heavily influenced by the "Redwall" series — 21 fantasy novels by Brian Jacques featuring woodland creatures.

As a child, he said, it was hard to wait for the release of the next book in the series.

"Because they like to put a little space between the release of each book, a year was a long time for me," he said.

He began having dreams of going into the library and checking out a book, which he assumed was a "Redwall" book, although he never saw the cover in the dream.

When his friend mentioned writing books, he realized the book in his dreams was not "Redwall" but a similar book — his book.

Like "Redwall," "Star Current" is made up of a cast of woodland characters.

The main character, Ecsan, is a fictional animal called a syan, which McDonald describes as small, otter-like creatures with manes.

All her life, Ecsan has heard about the star current, which allows the creatures to sail in wooden ships from world to world. When her brother, Iven, goes to sail this current, she stows away, but, before they can leave, her brother is arrested and charged with murder. In order to save his life, Ecsan has to travel through the star current to find a marooned otter.

"They end up finding out that there's this whole plot going on to throw their whole world into war," McDonald said.

"Star Current" is the first book of the series. McDonald said he has already completed four additional books in the main series and a trilogy that is a precursor to the main series. Tate Publishing has agreed to publish all the books, he said.

"They don't like publishing just one book by any one author," McDonald said.

McDonald originally contacted Tate Publishing because he was looking for a family-friendly company. The publishing company initially turned him down because he did not have a publicist.

Shortly afterwards, McDonald left the Farmington area to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Washington D.C. While on his mission, Tate Publishing contacted him once again and asked if he was still looking for a publishing company.

The book was released in February, three months before McDonald returned from his mission.

McDonald said his favorite part about writing the book was "seeing the interesting twists and turns that write themselves into the story."

"Star Current" can be purchased at Amy's Bookcase, 2530 San Juan Blvd. in Farmington, or at or by calling 505-330-9059

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