AZTEC — A 39-year-old Kirtland man charged in November with attempted first-degree murder was sentenced Monday to three years in prison.

Judge William Birdsall ruled that an additional three years of prison time would be suspended in lieu of probation and Roy Manzanares will be credited for the 10 months he has served awaiting the disposition of his case.

Manzanares pleaded guilty in March to attempted aggravated burglary, attempted escape from a peace officer, false imprisonment and battery against a household member. The attempted first-degree murder charge was dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

According to The Daily Times archives, deputies from the San Juan County Sheriff's Office were dispatched on November 3, 2013, to a residence on County Road 6361 in Kirtland in connection to a fight. An officer on the scene spotted Manzanares peering into a window of a woman's home. The 31-year-old woman in the house had been granted a temporary restraining order against Manzanares, her ex-boyfriend, a few days prior after he allegedly pinned her to the floor and punched her in the chest.

Manzanares was taken into custody by the deputy and appeared to be intoxicated.

Prosecutor Shellie Ann Patscheck told the judge at the sentencing hearing that Manzanares told police after his arrest that he would have killed the woman if police had not intervened.

Detective Lt. Cory Tanner said in a prepared statement in November that a search of Manzanares' cell phone showed he had texted a friend "won't be hurt twice by the same chick ... so both our lives end tonight."

Manzanares was scheduled to be sentenced on April 14, but the sentencing was postponed so that a 60-day diagnostic could be performed.

Birdsall said the diagnostic showed that Manzanares suffered from a "cocktail of behavior disorders," as well as issues with alcohol and impulse control.

"I don't know if, just because of his issues, I'm supposed to put him away forever," he said.

Manzanares said in his defense that his mother was suffering from cancer during the incident and acknowledged his drinking was a problem.

"I thought I had control of it, but it had control of me," he said.

Patscheck said that Manzanares displayed "very dangerous behavior" on the night of the incident. The victim testified at the initial sentencing, according to court records, but did not speak at Monday's hearing.

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