FARMINGTON — Farmington City Council during its Tuesday evening meeting will consider rezoning land north of Pinon Hills Boulevard where two subdivision are planned near an arroyo, which is prone to flooding.

City Engineer Nica Westerling said more water runs off high-density neighborhoods because the roofs, driveways and roads prevent it from seeping into the ground.

"Development by nature increases storm water," she said. But the proposal includes a detention pond that some say will minimize the damaging impact of flooding.

Floyd Hinesley is petitioning to rezone two parcels of land west of Foothills Drive from "residential estates district" to "single-family residential district," according to city documents. Hood Arroyo already is cutting into properties in an existing neighborhood in the area, and residents of that subdivision have asked council to help stabilize the arroyo's eroding banks.

The Planning and Zoning Commission recommends council rezone the parcels, and the changes are consistent with the city's comprehensive plan.

"I think it's appropriate," Senior City Planner Cindy Lopez said of proposed zoning change.

On one 40-acre parcel west of English Drive and south of Antelope Junction, Hinesley plans to build two subdivisions, one with 48 lots and another with 11, according to city documents.

Westerling said Hinesley plans to build a nearby detention pond, which temporarily stores surging water, to mitigate downstream flooding. She said it is a design requirement for a development of that size.

South of Hinesley's planned subdivisions are two roads that regularly flood during storms, Westerling said. They are Hubbard Road and Hill N Dale Drive, and the latter has only one entrance.

"The longer the flows, the higher the flows, the less likely you can get emergency vehicles there," Westerling said.

But District 4 Councilor Nate Duckett, who represents the area, said the detention pond will help significantly.

"The expected result of this detention pond is water flows will be slowed to minimize the types of things we saw back in September of last year," he said, referring to flooding damage during the monsoon storm season.

The other parcel of land Hinesley is petitioning to rezone is a little more than 14 acres east of English Drive and north of Pinecroft Drive.

Council will meet at 7 p.m. in its chambers at 800 Municipal Drive.

Dan Schwartz covers government for The Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4606 and Follow him @Dan_J_Schwartz on Twitter.