AZTEC — For the last half dozen years, Billy Hopkins has been setting up a large tent, inviting the public in and ministering to them about the Bible.

"The tent belongs to the Lord," Hopkins said. "I'm just the caretaker of it."

Hopkins, who is the pastor of the Little Brown Church on the New Mexico-Colorado border north of Aztec, is currently hosting a revival at the corner of Highway 516 and Light Plant Road in Aztec. Friday is the final day of the revival, which started Monday.

Hopkins parked his motor home beside the tent and has been staying there since he set up on Monday. Along the sides of the motor home, the words "Back to the Basics Ministry" are painted and decorating the rear window is the ministry's motto, "To God be the glory."

The Old Fashioned Tent Revival Songbook is provided to attendees on Wednesday at a revival tent set up in Aztec.
The Old Fashioned Tent Revival Songbook is provided to attendees on Wednesday at a revival tent set up in Aztec. (Alexa Rogals The Daily Times)

Hopkins said that when he lived in Virginia, he felt a calling to sell the "dream" home that he and his wife had built and to buy the tent and the motor home. Shortly afterwards, he said God called him to minister to Native Americans.

"He made it clear through many circumstances as well as from the heart," Hopkins said.

He said ministering to Native Americans was the farthest thing from his mind at the time and he had no real knowledge of their circumstances other than what he had seen in old West movies and television shows.

But he packed up and about two years ago he started working at the Little Brown Church. Even though he is a full time pastor, Hopkins still finds time to travel around in his motor home and host revivals.

He said the revivals can be more welcoming to some people.

"Some folks won't come to a church, but they may come to a tent revival, which is less restrictive, less formal," he said.

The tent can hold up to 300 people and Hopkins said the number of people attending has increased each night.

"We're specializing in delivering only the truth," he said.

He teamed up with three other local churches — Bible Baptist Church, Aztec Baptist Church and Diné Baptist Church — to put on the revival.

"We're trying to get folks to come to at least hear the truth about things once," he said. "At least once. Because everybody needs to hear it."


What: Old-fashioned tent revival

When: 6 p.m. Friday

Where: Light Plant Road in Aztec

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