FARMINGTON — The San Juan County District Attorney's Office dismissed charges filed last month against Nancy Easley.

Easley, 46, was charged July 10 in Farmington Magistrate Court with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly threatening another woman with a knife near East PiƱon and East Cedar streets.

Easley told police at the time that she pulled out the knife only after the woman, identified in the complaint as Racheal Russell, threatened her.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Dustin O'Brien said his office decided to dismiss charges because Russell refused to cooperate.

"We spoke with the victim," O'Brien said. "She asked us to dismiss the charges on the first contact and quickly ended the phone call."

O'Brien said without her testimony, prosecutors would be unable to establish probable cause at a preliminary hearing.

The charges against Easley were dismissed July 30, according to court records.