Having already served eight years as a council delegate from Teec Nos Pos, Francis Redhouse is once again running for the delegate seat that will represent Aneth, Red Mesa, To Likan, Mexican Water and Teec Nos Pos chapters in Utah and Arizona.

He is running against David L. John from Mexican Water, Herman Farley from Red Mesa, Steven S. Benally from To Likan and Davis Filfred from Aneth.

Redhouse served as a council delegate from 2002 until 2010. During those eight years he has served on numerous committees including chairing the Navajo Nation Ethics and Rules Committee. As chairman of the Navajo Nation Ethics and Rules Committee, Redhouse attended hearings for elected officials and helped judge if the officials had misused funds.

He also worked as a lobbyist for the Ute and Navajo Nation councils to the state of Utah and chaired the Four Corners Monument Task Force.

Redhouse said he thinks one of the key issues in the five chapters he hopes to represent is the quality of the roads. He said he hopes to work to develop a partnership with the state of Arizona, Apache County in Arizona and San Juan County in Utah to repair and maintain roads.

Other issues Redhouse said are important in the area are water rights and oil and gas revenues.