FARMINGTON — Natalie Conley, 7, cawed a cock-a-doodle-doo to her large, silver lace rooster, Roy, on Saturday morning.

Roy responded with a loud crow.

"Ten!" the excited onlookers yelled, counting aloud the number of crows Roy had emitted.

Roy was among a dozen roosters that participated in the San Juan County Fair's rooster crowing contest outside Stark Poultry Barn at the San Juan County Fairgrounds. The rooster that crowed the highest number of times won the contest, although everyone who entered a crowing rooster received a ribbon.

Roy won the event with a total of 11 crows.

Natalie got Roy when her family attended a poultry show in November at McGee Park. Her mother, Amy Conley, said that's when the family learned about the silver lace breed.

"They're really pretty," Natalie said. "And they're nice."

"And they're clean," her mother added.

When the family bought Roy, the rooster was already an adult.

"He's a calm, nice rooster," Amy Conley said.

The family previously owned roosters named Ricky and Rex, so they settled on the name Roy for their new silver lace rooster. Now, the family has 29 hens at their Farmington home. Six of the hens are silver lace hens, which lay light brown eggs with speckles, Amy Conley said.

Also on Saturday, Mason Lisster's Polish rooster, Plucker, crowed a total of six times.

"I like how they sound," said Mason, 8, about the Polish roosters, which are black with a white crown on their heads.

Mason said he's been showing roosters for as long as he can remember and has competed in the rooster crowing contest for years.

River Hess, the San Juan County Fair queen, was one of the contest's judges.

At one point, she knelt near a small, black rooster, trying to encourage the shy bird to crow, but it never made a sound.

Although Hess has never owned a chicken, she said she enjoyed judging Saturday's contest.

"They're pretty cool animals," she said, as she carried a rooster back to its cage inside the poultry barn after the contest.

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