FARMINGTON — San Juan County commissioners will ask state lawmakers to provide grant money for a list of 22 projects planned for fiscal years 2016 through 2020.

The top-rated project on the list approved by commissioners last week is phase one of a Flora Vista wastewater system for fiscal year 2016, which begins in July, according to county documents. It is part of the county's infrastructure capital improvement plan.

"Essentially, it's the first phase of trying to extend the Farmington sewer system into the Flora Vista area," said Linda Thompson, deputy county executive officer.

Placing the project at the top of the list increases its chances of receiving state and federal funding.

The second project listed would complete Farmington's Piñon Hills Bridge Connection project. The project, estimated to cost $19 million, has been on the city's infrastructure capital improvement plan.

Farmington's portion of the project includes a road from Piñon Hills Boulevard to the Animas River and a bridge over the river, Thompson said. If San Juan County received the funds, it would then connect a road from the bridge to County Road 3000 and to Crouch Mesa for about $8.4 million, she said.

The county won't begin the project until Farmington has received funding for its portion, she said.

The county will request about $2.3 million for the third project, which would connect Upper La Plata Water Users' water lines to North Star Water Users Association lines allowing the associations to share water, she said.

Fourth on the list is a request for $646,000 to help Harper Valley Subdivision in Kirtland hook their sewage system into the Valley Water and Sanitation District's sewer lines, she said. The subdivision's current sewage treatment system is failing, she said.

"It will become an emergency if they're not able to find sufficient funding to address the issue," she said, adding that it's not yet an emergency.

Thompson said the county's fifth project involves asking for $2 million to upgrade software and hardware in the San Juan County Communications Authority, the county's emergency communications hub.

She said the upgrades are needed to "maintain a viable communications center."

Many of the other projects that need funding are road, bridge and wastewater system improvements.

Dan Schwartz covers government for The Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4606 and Follow him @dtdschwartz on Twitter.