Navajo Prep centerfielder Kiera Rocke poses for a portrait at the Navajo Prep softball field on Monday.
Navajo Prep centerfielder Kiera Rocke poses for a portrait at the Navajo Prep softball field on Monday. (Augusta Liddic/The Daily Times)
PREP NEWSMAKER: 10 Questions with Kiera Rocke

What music do you listen to before games?

What is your favorite pre-game meal? Lasagna.


What is your biggest fear or phobia? The zombie apocalypse.

Who is your favorite athlete? Michael Jordan.

What is your favorite class? Math.

Do you have any hidden talents outside of softball? I can do a headstand for over a minute.

What is your favorite TV show? "Rugrats."

What is your dream car? The newest style of a Fisker Karma.

If you could have any superpower, which one would you pick? Mindreading.

What is your dream vacation spot? Greece.

FARMINGTON — Navajo Prep is soaring this softball season.

The Lady Eagles sit atop the District 1-2A/A standings at 4-0 with a 17-5 record overall, placing them No. 3 in the 2A/A rankings.

A large part of their success has come from junior Kiera Rocke.

The centerfielder is hitting an eye-popping .865, going 45-for-52 from the plate.

Rocke said first year Navajo Prep head coach Darin Wright has been responsible for giving her added motivation at the plate this season.

“My coach tells us about the days when he was younger and his brother and his former teammates would smash home runs and he’s made me want to do that, too,” Rocke said. “He’s made hitting really fun for me. Now I get my hands where I need them and my form is really good.”

Rocke has 15 doubles, nine triples and five home runs this year with a slugging percentage of 1.808.

Wright sees Rocke’s competiveness as her biggest asset as a hitter.

“She wants to be the best,” Wright said. “She works hard in practice and in the game. She has that confidence that she’s better than the pitcher right now.”

Wright said he started Rocke out as his No. 4 hitter for her ability to drive in runs, but moved her to No. 2 in the order because it gave him another leadoff hitter.

“If our No. 1 hitter gets out, then she’s right there. If we get a hit, then she’s there to drive them in,” Wright said.

Rocke knows that it takes more than one hitter to be successful and lauded the depth of the Lady Eagles’ lineup that has five other hitters batting over .500.

“Our first five or six can really hit and that will be a big advantage when it comes to state. All we need to do is get our bats on the ball and we’ll score,” Rocke said.

Rocke, who is originally from Kirtland, said she decided to attend Navajo Prep for a greater academic challenge.

“I wanted to push myself more,” Rocke said.

Rocke believes her choice to attend Navajo Prep has benefitted her in the classroom and on the field.

She also believes her team is a legitimate state title contender.

“I honestly think that we will win the state title. This team has a lot of talent and put in a lot of effort. We just give it our all and each one of us is a big part of this team,” Rocke said.

Wright echoed Rocke’s belief that Navajo Prep can win a state softball title this season.

“We’re kind of that bird of prey,” Wright said. “We’re sitting on the perch waiting and nobody knows we’re there. To us, the people down south aren’t giving us any recognition, which is OK, because they have to play us.”

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