10 Questions with Nathaniel Pavlik

Favorite pregame meal: Anything as long as I don't eat too much.

If you had a million dollars, what would your first purchase be: I'd put it toward college and help my brother and sister out there too.

Favorite movie: A Christmas Carol

Favorite athlete: Roger Federer

Favorite and least favorite class: My favorite is chemistry and least favorite is probably world history.

Biggest fear: Heights.

Dream Vacation: British Columbia.

Dream car: Bugatti.

If you could have any superpower, what would you pick:  Teleportation

Plans after graduating from high school: I plan to go to Santa Clara University and hopefully play soccer.


FARMINGTON — The Farmington High boys soccer team is preparing to make another run at a state title.

The Scorpions enter the state playoffs as the No. 3 seed after a strong season and senior captain Nathaniel Pavlik played a critical role in getting the team there.

Pavlik, who has been playing varsity soccer for FHS since eighth grade and has played a role in two state champions and two runners-up, moved from his central defender position to central midfield early in the season and helped to spark the Scorpions' offense.

"Pavlik is extremely important. He came to me early in the year and asked if he could play a bigger role," said FHS head coach Byron Farnsworth. "He's had that opportunity and done a phenomenal job."

Pavlik, who also won a state tennis title last spring with doubles partner Curtis Hunt, is a versatile athlete and said that versatility allows him to contribute in many ways to the team.

"After being central defender, it took a while to adjust to being in on the attack, but that's what I've been wanting to do for the past two years. It's great to finally get out there and help the team put some goals in the net," he said. "You always want to be able to contribute wherever the coach puts you. It's always fun to get in the attack, but center-mid also allows you to get back on defense, so really, it's the best of both worlds."

Pavlik has filled the role well, leading a balanced FHS attack with nine goals this season. But he's also had help from Jorge Chavira, Enrique Alvarez and Isaac Valencia who have combined for 22 goals. That balanced scoring makes the Scorps a dangerous team heading into the playoffs.

"If you only have one primary scorer then it's easier for the other teams to shut that person down, but here at FHS we have Jorge, Issac and other midfielders and that helps us because they can't shut down our attack as easily," Pavlik said.

Farnsworth, who is in his first year as head coach, said Pavlik's experience has made his job a lot easier this season and thinks the younger players can look to Pavlik as a role model.

"He's been playing varsity soccer for FHS since eighth grade and has won two state titles and played for two more. You can't beat that kind of experience," Farnsworth said. "For younger guys to look at him be the leader he is on and off the field is great. He's more of a silent leader. He's always the first guy at practice and the last guy to leave. I can put him on defense and he's great in the midfield. He wins balls in the opposing team's box and he's had four or five goals from 25 or 35 yards out. It's extremely important for our team to have him be so versatile."

After seeing many Scorpion teams make title runs, Pavlik believes this year's FHS squad has the same ability to join previous teams as champions.

"I feel like this team has the potential to go all the way, but this team, like all of our past teams, needs to be completely focused on each game and not look ahead or have any other distractions," Pavlik said.

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