Bloomfield soccer player Raul Fonseca (9) dribbles the ball down the field during a Class A-AAA state tournament game against Hatch Valley on last week at
Bloomfield soccer player Raul Fonseca (9) dribbles the ball down the field during a Class A-AAA state tournament game against Hatch Valley on last week at Bobcat Stadium in Bloomfield. (Curtis Ray Benally — Special to The Daily Times)
10 Questions with Raul Fonseca

Favorite pregame meal: Something light like a bowl of cereal and an apple.

Favorite music:  Spanish music

Favorite sports moment: So far, beating Hatch Valley in the 2013 A-AAA state tournament Round of 12

Favorite athlete: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo

Favorite and least favorite class: My favorite is strength and conditioning and my least favorite is geometry.

If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money: I would help out my parents for all the support they have given me.

Dream Vacation: Spain to see Barcelona and Madrid

Dream car: Audi R8

If you could have any superpower, what would you pick:  To be a copy cat. Anything I wanted to do, I would be able to do.

Plans after graduating from high school: I want to study to become a mechanical engineer and try to play college soccer.


BLOOMFIELD  Raul Fonseca has helped the Bloomfield boys' soccer team reach heights it hasn't seen since 2009.

Fonseca, a Bloomfield High sophomore, leads the A-AAA classification with 26 goals this season. His scoring has helped lead the No. 7 Bloomfield Bobcats to the A-AAA state quarterfinals in Albuquerque where they will face No. 2 Bosque in the quarterfinals on Thursday.

"It has been awesome. I have been working ever since I was little, and my dad has been pushing me to be where I am at right now," Fonseca said of his 2013 season. "I am just trying to get better every day."

Bloomfield head coach Jarly Lopez has been impressed with Fonseca's development, and is doing his best to put Fonseca in a position to succeed.

"He is incredible. I probably could of (had) him scoring a bunch of goals last year, but last year I was hiding him more," Lopez said. "This year, we have been hiding him at times in big games. It pays off. Eventually, the defense forgets to watch him, and that is when we bring him out."

As a freshman, Fonseca finished with 27 goals, which was one shy of the state leader, Sudi Torres of Desert Academy. This year, Fonseca has six more goals than Torres. He also has improved his passing with seven more assists already this season than he had a year ago.

"He is coming along in every phase of the game. He is still young, but he is putting stuff together and learning to possess the ball more," Lopez said. "Even with 26 goals, he is still learning and there is still room for improvement."

Fonseca's speed has been his greatest asset as a forward, but now he is learning how to finish shots even when defenders are draping him.

"He is such an excellent finisher. Usually, nobody can keep up with him," Lopez said. "I have been trying to get him out for track because I am a track coach, too."

Fonseca doesn't get rattled by missed shots. He said he just tries to focus on his next opportunity.

"When I am going in for a goal, I just have to focus on the goalie first. Where is he cutting and what direction is he moving," Fonseca said. "I know I need to get goals to help get the team going. If I miss, I am just going to keep trying and trying again."

Fonseca said the Bobcats are aiming for at least a top-four finish in the state. After losing to Bosque 2-1 in late August in the final minute and a half of the game, Fonseca knows his team can compete with their quarterfinal opponent. He believes the team has improved greatly since its 2-4 start.

"The season started pretty bad, but being where we are now is really great. We are all pushing ourselves each day," Fonseca said. "Coach has been telling us to think about each team as if they are the best team we will ever play and to play like it is the last game of our lives. We want to keep winning for the seniors, for coach, and for ourselves."

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