FARMINGTON  Forty-nine San Juan County soccer players were recognized by coaches around the state, but just three were named first-team All-State players.

Bloomfield's Raul Fonseca was the lone boy to be selected to the first team in Class A-AAA. Farmington's Caroline Moss and Aztec's Jessica Kresl were both selected to the Class 4A first team.

Fonseca, who was the District 1 A-AAA Player of the Year, was the leading scorer in the entire classification with 26 goals. His nine assists helped him amass 61 total points this season, which was second in A-AAA behind Sandia Prep's Ryan Hunter, who finished with 63 total points.

"Raul is the first, first-team guy I can remember us having at Bloomfield," said Bloomfield head coach Jarly Lopez, who was named the District 1 A-AAA Coach of the Year. "We had another guy 10 years ago make second team, but Raul has done something nobody has for us that I can remember."

Kresl's selection for the 4A girls first-team was her third in as many years. The senior graduates having scored 163 total points and 61 goals in her four-year varsity career at Aztec.

"Each year when I get it, I am always more excited than the year before," Kresl said. "I know there are a lot of good players out there, and I can't really expect to be first team because of that. I don't want to give glory to myself. We have such a good program and my teammates give me the opportunity to score those goals. I want to give the glory to them."

Farmington High's Moss was selected for her defensive play. It was the senior's first selection to the all-state team at any capacity.

"It is awesome for Caroline because she held our defense together and was the leader back there dictating who needed to do what," said FHS head coach Shannon Gill. "We will really miss her next year."

Bloomfield soccer player Raul Fonseca (9) dribbles the ball down the field during a Class A-AAA state tournament game against Hatch Valley earlier this
Bloomfield soccer player Raul Fonseca (9) dribbles the ball down the field during a Class A-AAA state tournament game against Hatch Valley earlier this month at Bobcat Stadium in Bloomfield. Fonseca was selected to the all-state first team. (Curtis Ray Benally — Special to The Daily Times)

Noticeably missing for the 4A girls first-team are Farmington's Hannah Kelley and Aztec's Hailey Morris. Both girls ranked in the top five in total points in the classification this season, leading their teams to the state semifinal game in which they played each other. Morris was able to lead her team to the state title game. Both girls were named to the second-team for a second consecutive year.

"It is disappointing, to say the least," said Aztec head coach Stephen Parks, who was the District 1-4A Coach of the Year. "Those girls deserved to be honored as much as the other girls on there. It is frustrating when you see seven girls from St. Pius X and three from Albuquerque Academy when we have girls that were right up there with them or ahead of them. Kelley and Morris were two of the top players in our district and the state, and I think a lot of people would agree."

Gill was among those who agree with Parks, and she said she was "baffled" upon hearing Kelley and Morris were on the second-team.

"Maybe we just haven't beat the top teams enough to earn their respect. I know St. Pius and Albuquerque Academy both have seen our teams and know those two players. Maybe it is the teams down south that haven't seen them and didn't vote for them," Gill said. "I don't agree with it by any means, but I guess those girls will have to get 'em next year."

District 1-4A was well-represented on the girls second-team. Joining Kelley and Morris was Aztec's Elana Kresl, Kassia Barber, Rikki Newland, Kayli Farmer and Lacy Garcia as well as Farmington sophomore Riley Coleman. The district also had 16 girls named in the honorable mention.

The lone District 1-4A boy to make a team was Farmington senior Nathaniel Pavlik. Nine more Scorpions made honorable mention.

Edgar Fonseca was a second-team selection for Bloomfield. The Bobcats also had six more boys honorably mentioned.

"It is amazing. Last year, we had a better record and didn't get that recognition because of two losses to Taos. After we beat Taos this year and won district, people looked at us different. One game turned it all around," Lopez said. "It is great to see our program finally go over the hurdle and win district to get that recognition."

Kirtland Central's girls were shut out of the first- and second-teams, but five Lady Broncos made the honorable mention list. Bloomfield also placed four girls on the honorable mention.





1st Team

Theo Hooker (ABQ Academy)

Jonothan Campos (Roswell)

Joseph Contreras (Roswell)

Jered Dominguez-Trujillo (ABQ Academy)

Brandon Hodges (Los Alamos)

Ben Christensen (ABQ Academy)

Luis Rios (Capital)

Fernando Sanchez (Roswell)

Chase Snyder (ABQ Academy)

Alejandro Garcia (Los Lunas)

Bryan Jaramillo (ABQ Academy)

Chris Lovato (Los Lunas)

Jason Alarcon (Capital)

Player of the Year: Fernando Sanchez (Roswell)

Coach of the Year: James Vernon (Roswell)

2nd Team

Brandon Rodriguez (Roswell)

Elijah Lucero (ABQ Academy)

Helian Najera (Capital)

Diego Pichardo (Capital)

Walker Simpson (ABQ Academy)

Anthony Valadez (Roswell)

Ibis Armendariz (Roswell)

Alex Arivzo (St. Pius X)

Luis Garcia (Roswell)

Nathaniel Pavlik (Farmington)

Sergio Carvajal (Roswell)

Victor Garcia (Roswell)

Collin Stone (Los Alamos)

Brayan Perez (Capital)

Local Honorable Mention

Connor Tornquist (Farmington)

Branson Carter (Farmington)

Hyrum Lusk (Farmington)

Andrew Moss (Farmington)

Eli Briody-Pavlik (Farmington)

Raul Terrazas (Farmington)

Enrique Alvarez (Farmington)

Jorge Chavira (Farmington)

Isaac Valencia (Farmington)



1st Team

Tatiana Sarracino (St. Pius)

Brooks Brennan (ABQ Academy)

Macie Clemens (St. Pius)

Amanda Hernandez (St. Pius)

Caroline Moss (Farmington)

Anika Gorham (ABQ Academy)

Jessica Kresl (Aztec)

Dominique E. Rivera (St. Pius)

Madeline Waszak 9St. Pius)

Michelle Baca (ABQ Academy)

Caitlin Fattor (St. Pius)

Tatiana Limon (St. Pius)

Catie McDonald (Los Alamos)

4A Player of the Year: Amanda Herandez (St. Pius)

Coach of the Year: David Sullivan (St. Pius)

2nd Team

Elana Kresl (Aztec)

Kassia Barber (Aztec)

Stephanie Blair (Los Alamos)

Darion Faulkner (St. Pius)

Rikki Newland (Aztec)

Chandler Art (Los Alamos)

Riley Coleman (Farmington)

Kayli Famer (Aztec)

Lissy Saiz (ABQ Academy)

Lacy Garcia (Aztec)

Hannah Kelley (Farmington)

Hailey Morris (Aztec)

Alexis Sanchez (St. Pius)

Local Honorable Mention

Bailey Carter (Farmington)

Sara Engert (Piedra Vista)

Kenaba Hatathlie (Kirtland Central)

Haley Hitchcock (Piedra Vista)

Aubriana Lopez (Farmington)

Sarah Root (Aztec)

Kendra Stock (Kirtland Central)

Katelynn Flack (Farmington)

Payton Sandoval-Belt (Farmington)

Ashton Staley (Farmington)

Sabrina Tornow (Piedra Vista)

Jenna Brown (Piedra Vista)

Deena Charlie (Kirtland Central)

Kanani Tapaha (Kirtland Central)

Zoey Hooper (Kirtland Central)

Devyn Martinez (Aztec)

Emily McDonald (Aztec)




1st Team

John Twohig (Sandia Prep)

Niko Cserhat (Taos)

Gabe Eckenroth (Sandia Prep)

Kyle Frank (Bosque)

Darin James (Bosque)

Soren Brown (St. Mike's)

Shalto Dascher (Monte Del Sol)

Caleb Eckenroth (Sandia Prep)

Evan Hicks (Bosque)

Devin Edwards (Hope Christian)

Raul Fonseca (Bloomfield)

Ryan Hunter (Sandia Prep)

Luis Lozoya (Monte Del Sol)

Class A-AAA Player of the Year: Caleb Eckenroth (Sandia Prep)

Class A-AAA Coaches of the Year: Mazatl Galindo (Monte Del Sol) and Tommy Smith (Sandia Prep)

2nd Team

Barrett Meigs (Bosque)

Keenan Amer (Santa Fe Prep)

Edgar Fonseca (Bloomfield)

Corey Miner (Sandia Prep)

Derek Nelson (Hope Christian)

Wyeth Carpenter (Santa Fe Prep)

Irwin Flores (Monte Del Sol)

Matthew Mirabal (Taos)

Santiago Torres (Sandia Prep)

Skye Dasher (Monte Del Sol)

Carlos Ruiz (Taos)

Zack Tenorio (Sandia Prep)

Sudi Torres (Desert Academy)

Local Honorable Mention

Ariel Morales (Bloomfield)

Gage Kreilick (Bloomfield)

Alex Portillo (Bloomfield)

Amadio Gonzalez (Bloomfield)

Sergio Payan (Bloomfield)

Samuel Gutierrez (Bloomfield)

Local Honorable Mention

Vanessa Harris (Bloomfield)

Anani Orozco (Bloomfield)

Teagan Mosley (Bloomfield)

Jenna Wethington (Bloomfield)



District 1-4A Boys

1st Team

Connor Tornquist (FHS)

Hyrum Lusk (FHS)

David Rodriguez (PV)

Bailey Watkins (AHS)

Talon Ketring (AHS)

Nathaniel Pavlik (FHS)

Austin Denney (PV)

Raul Terrazas (FHS)

Joaquin Sais (PV)

Jorge Chavira (FHS)

Isaav Valencia (FHS)

Beau Velarde (PV)

Garrett Tucker (AHS)

Players of the Year: Nathaniel Pavlik and Beau Velarde

Coach of the Year: Byron Farnsworth (FHS)

2nd Team

Joseph Denney (PV)

Branson Carter (FHS)

Andrew Moss (FHS)

Saul Carrillo (PV)

Skylar Tracy (PV)

Ryley Barber (AHS)

KY Manzanares (AHS)

Ismael Quintana (FHS)

Eli Briody-Pavlik (FHS)

T. Enrique Alvarez (FHS)

Cody Colebrook (PV)

Brandon Stafford (AHS)

Joaquin Gonzalez (FHS)


District 1-4A Girls

1st Team

Elana Kresl (AHS)

Caroline Moss (FHS)

Rikki Newland (AHS)

Haley Hitchcock (PV)

Kendra Stock (KC)

Payton Sandoval-Belt (FHS)

Jessica Kresl (AHS)

Sabrina Tornow (PV)

Kanani Tapaha (KC)

Hannah Kelley (FHS)

Hailey Morris (AHS)

Jenna Brown (PV)

Zoey Hooper (KC)

Players of the Year: Jessica Kresl and Hannah Kelley

Coach of the Year: Stephen Parks (AHS)

2nd Team

Bailey Carter (FHS)

Awori Lopez (FHS)

Kassia Barber (AHS)

Ariana Thompson (KC)

Sarah Root (AHS)

Ashton Staley (FHS)

Kayli Farmer (AHS)

Riley Coleman (FHS)

Morgan Smith (AHS)

lacy Garcia (AHS)

Deena Charlie (KC)

Emily McDonald (AHS)

Tamia Maryboy (KC)



1st Team

Ariel Morales (Bloomfield)

Alex Portillo (Bloomfield)

Brandon Maes (Robertson)

Edgar Fonseca (Bloomfield)

Jacob Pacheco (Taos)

Amadio Gonzales (Bloomfield)

Grant Longacre (Pojoaque)

Noah Tonrey (Taos)

Sergio Payan (Bloomfield)

Brandon Trujillo (Robertson)

Carlos Ruiz (Taos)

Raul Fonseca (Bloomfield)

Sean Morris (Taos)

Player of the Year: Raul Fonseca (Bloomfield)

Coach of the Year: Jarly Lopez (Bloomfield)

2nd Team

German Villa-Gutierrez (Taos)

Gage Kreilick (Bloomfield)

Kyle Romero (Pojoaque)

Michael Salas (Robertson)

Paul Trujillo (Pojoaque)

Ian Parks (Robertson)

Ian Sanderson (Taos)

Matthew Mirabal (Taos)

Rafael de la Torre (Pojoaque)

Emmanuel Martinez (Pojoaque)

Samuel Guttierez (Bloomfield)



1st Team

Katie Emery (Taos)

Broke Perry (Moreno Valley)

Katie Houdek (Robertson)

Kristen Montano (Robertson)

Siah Trudell-Mills (Robertson)

Amber Yara (Robertson)

Elena Martinez (Robertson)

Lucia Constanza (Taos)

Morgan Miller (Taos)

Angelica Pacheco (Taos)

Caitlin Diefendorf (Robertson)

Julia Cotton (Moreno Valley)

Morgan Diefendord (Robertson)

Player of the Year: Kristen Montano and Caitlin Diefendorf

Coach of the Year: Ian Williamson (Robertson)

2nd Team

Amber Sky Lujan (Pojoaque)

Brianna Appel (Taos)

Kyra Romero (Pojoaque)

Monica Castillo (Bloomfield)

Rachel Candelaria (Bloomfield)

Chante White (Bloomfield)

Crystal Bustamente (Pojoaque)

Jacqueline Valerio (Taos)

Kristin Trancosa (Santa Fe Indian)

Loretta Lopez (Moreno Valley)

Roslyn Iente (Santa Fe Indian)

Ysena Rednose (Santa Fe Indian)


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