FARMINGTON — The Bloomfield High football program has a new head coach.

The Bobcats on Wednesday announced that Bob Allcorn has been hired for the position.

Allcorn, who graduated from Bloomfield in 1982, has spent the last 11 seasons as the head coach of Moriarty High School.

He said the chance to return home was an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

"It was just the right time. I saw that the job was open, and I figured if I was going to do it, then it had to be now, because you never know when the job will open up again," Allcorn said.

Prior to his time as coach of the Pintos, he also served as an assistant at Albuquerque High, Highland and Kirtland Central.

Bloomfield athletic director Steve Scott said Allcorn's previous experience is what helped him stand out for the position.

"We had really good applicants, and he interviewed really well," Scott said. "He's got the track record of being a good varsity coach."

Last season, Allcorn led Moriarty to a 7-5 record, including a first-round playoff victory against Artesia, before the Pintos were knocked out in the quarterfinals by Goddard.

The Pintos made the playoffs in eight of the last nine seasons under Allcorn, winning their first-round matchup on four of those occasions.

The new Bobcats coach hopes he can continue to lead his team to success as Bloomfield enters the new District 1-4A with Kirtland Central, Shiprock, Wingate, Thoreau and Zuni next season.

"It's going to come down to Bloomfield and Kirtland year in and year out," Allcorn said.

Allcorn described himself as an "old school coach" who likes to build his team around running the football and playing strong defense.

"You look at teams like Farmington and Goddard in the title game, and that's how they're doing it," he said.

Allcorn credited Bloomfield with having some of the best facilities in the state and said his team will make good use of the weight room.

"I'll make sure we utilize it," he said. "When we step onto the football field, I want people to know we've been working."

Bloomfield won the District 1-3A title in each of the past two seasons under previous coach Bruce Hatch.

Hatch spent 10 seasons with the program. Scott has previously declined to discuss the reasons for Hatch’s dismissal.

Scott believes that success will continue under Allcorn.

"You'd like to think every year you have a shot at the playoffs," Scott said. "Our kids have traditionally been successful."

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