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Too many children are afraid to play the game of baseball or girls softball simply because they cannot afford a glove of their own. Others try with Dad's old glove that is much too big, or with a cheap plastic glove that might have a tear down the middle of it, and they are embarrassed to ask for help if they can't afford a new one or because simply no one cares.

Special Olympics participants are often adults in wheelchairs or with other physical challenges who want to be as normal as possible in enjoying the game of baseball or softball. But, most Special Olympics programs use their funding for overall event production and not the purchase of individual gloves the participants can call their own.

Glove with Love is a program meant to help children and special needs adults, along with non-profit groups in need, who can't afford to help themselves with buying baseball gloves to get children off the streets and into America's favorite pastime. (See more below)

  • Troy Turner helps find just the right-sized gloves for TaMitric and his sister, LaMya.
  • Police Chief Kyle Westal talks on KSJE Radio about his department's getting involved with Glove With Love.
  • Brian Wimsatt, right, and Travis Vanherwaarden are shown with baseball gear to be donated to Glove With Love.
  • Troy Turner fits TaMitric for a pair of cleats.
  • Radio host Scott Michlin interviews Scott Rounds, director of public safety, and Police Chief Kyle Westall on KSJE Radio 90.9 FM about getting Glove With Love off the ground.
  • Farmington Fire Station 1 | 301 N. Auburn
  • Farmington Fire Station 2 | 3800 English Road
  • Farmington Fire Station 3 | 1401 W. Navajo
  • Farmington Fire Station 4 | 790 S. Hutton
  • Farmington Fire Station 5 | 609 E. 30th
  • Farmington Fire Station 6 | 3101 W. Main
  • Farmington Police Station | 900 Municipal Drive
  • The Daily Times | 201 N. Allen

The program began with a simple column by the editor asking readers to clean out their closets, garage or storage rooms and donate any old glove to Glove with Love, and we'll clean it up and put it on the hand of someone in need.

Since 2006, hundreds of gloves and pieces of equipment have literally exchanged hands in Farmington, New Mexico, as a result of this program and the volunteer spirit of our local community.

Now, other entities are involved, including the Farmington police and fire departments, local sporting good stores, The Phil arts center on the Navajo Nation in Shiprock, local businesses and many volunteers, including local high school seniors who work for the program as their senior project.

If you have an old glove or any baseball/softball equipment you could donate, or are interested in purchasing new gloves and equipment to donate (as some prefer), please bring it to The Daily Times at 201 N. Allen in Farmington; or, give to any Farmington police officer, or bring it to any Farmington fire station.

No cash, please; we only accept gloves and equipment.

If you are a coach, social worker or someone who knows of a need, or you want more information on Glove with Love, please contact our editor and the program's founder, Troy Turner, at, or at 505-564-4624 to learn more about the program.

Give a glove with love, and help baseball make a difference in the life of another.

Thank you.

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