SHIPROCK — The Northern Navajo Medical Center ended its lockdown Monday.
The hospital went on full lockdown Friday, closing off all entrances except for the main one. The lockdown was in response to a threat made Friday after an individual involved in a shooting was admitted to the hospital Friday morning.
The individual had been part of an incident in which a 25-year-old man died after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. 
The man who died was found in a residence in Sheep Springs, although it is not known if it was his own residence. 
The individual who was involved in the shooting was later admitted and treated at the hospital, according to Jenny Notah, spokeswoman for the Navajo Area Indian Health Services.
Soon after he was admitted, the hospital received a threatening phone call in regards to the patient. The patient was released into the custody of Navajo Nation Department of Public Safety Friday afternoon. 
The FBI is working with the Navajo Nation Department of Public Safety to investigate the shooting and the events that followed.
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