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Habitat for Humanity ReStore employ Byron Maldonado and volunteer Charles Freye wait for another radiator to be raised from the basement of the Palace Hotel building on Broadway.

SILVER CITY — Habitat for Humanity ReStore employees and volunteers worked away at an antique hand-cranked elevator Wednesday afternoon to bring old radiators from the basement of the Palace Hotel building downtown.

The elevator rises up to two metal doors in the sidewalk. The building's owners originally called a recycling entity about the radiators and upon sizing up the situation decided they wouldn't bring them up. When the Habitat for Humanity ReStore got a similar call, they had a different reaction.

"It raises about a quarter of an inch with every turn of the crank," said volunteer Charles Freye from the sidewalk.

"And I tell you," fellow volunteer Lou Gaylord called from more than ten feet below, "it's about as much fun as you can have without laughing."

After a few minutes catching his breath, Gaylord went back to furiously cranking the radiators slowly up the elevator shaft.

Frey, Gaylord and ReStore employee Byron Maldonado worked moving the radiators up and out for several hours on the sidewalk of Broadway.

The radiators will be sold to a recycling entity for a small sum and the funds will go to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

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