SILVER CITY — According to statistics from the Grant County Sheriff's Department and Silver City Police, 2012 saw increases in crime throughout the county, particularly burglaries.

The Sheriff's Department responded to over 300 more calls last year than it did the year before.

"Crime is up in every category across the county," Lt. Michael Aguirre said. "We just keep getting busier and busier. And it doesn't look like it's slowing down."

Chief Ed Reynolds of the Silver City Police agreed that, especially with burglaries and sex crimes, crime was up.

"Those are our biggest concerns," said Reynolds. "We are doing everything in our power to take care of this. That's why we formed the task force."

The task force is a collaboration between the Silver City Police and the Grant County Sheriff's Department which receives additional occasional support from New Mexico State Police. The task force's goal is to target crimes, like burglaries, which have shown a jump in numbers.

The Sheriff's Department investigated 131 burglaries last year, a jump from 117 in 2011. The Silver City Police Department reported 150, an increase from 124 the year before.

There were also reported increases in rapes, attempted suicides, robberies, and domestic batteries.


Crime Statistics

Silver City Police Department:

Crime 2011 - 2012 % change

Murder: 1-0 -100 percent

Rape: 13-16 +23 percent

Burglary: 124-150 +20 percent

Domestic Disturbance: 516-543 +5 percent

Attempted Suicide: no data

DWI: 84-71 -15 percent

Total calls: 41258-46886 +14 percent

Grant County Sheriff's Department:

Crime 2011 - 2012 % change

Murder: 2-1 -50 percent

Rape: 3-10 +70 percent

Burglary: 117-131+11 percent

Child Abuse: 14-16 +12 percent

Domestic Disturbance: 52-69 +25 percent

Attempted Suicide: 9-17 +48 percent

DWI:20-27 +26 percent

Total calls:3667-4006 +9 percent

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