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Alexis Baldwin, 5, powers through one of the obstacles in a course devised by the WNMU Kineseology Club at the Silver City BikeWorks s 2nd annual Pedalista! event on Saturday in Gough Park.

SILVER CITY — The Silver City BikeWorks's 2nd annual Pedalista! event was held Saturday in Gough Park.

"The response has been so much better than we expected," said volunteer organizer Mike Madigan. "This is going to set us up to be able to do so much more in the community. We want to show the community that biking isn't just something athletes do, it's something that communities do to become healthier and more vibrant places."

Pedalista! featured many prize raffles, a plate of food for any donation, free handpainted T-shirts, an obstacle course and pedal go-cart racetrack.

"I think I've seen smiles on every face today," said BikeWorks Director Dave Baker. "I think it was a huge success."

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