A number of activities are being planned for All American Park on July 20. Ruidoso Downs city councilors approved waiving permit fees to use the park for a motorcycling organization's fundraiser that will assist a local organization.

"We did it last year and we had such an amazing reception in the community, I actually decided to move here and start a local chapter," said Joseph Mueller, president of the Mountain of Brothers Survivors Clean and Sober Motorcycle Club. Mueller relocated from Durango, Colo. "We've been given the opportunity to do our national run which means considerably more people coming to the area. Everybody loved it last year so we're hoping to use All American Park again and pretty much the same facilities we did last year."

Mueller estimated a dozen of the club's tribes may drop in.

The benefit run would be a fundraiser to assist TeamBuilders in Ruidoso, which provides programs for at-risk youth and their families in the area. The fund raiser would include a poker run and other events.

"The money that we raise, all of it goes to Lincoln County youth," Mueller said.

Organizer Victor Montes said the July motorcycling event will be the third run hosted by Survivors Clean and Sober for the youth of Lincoln County.

"The other thing that's going to be happening is we're going to be running it in conjunction with the (police) chief and the bed races," Montes said. "I think we raised a little bit of money for you last year. The money goes toward Riverside Park.


We'll be supporting that in the same venue."

Ruidoso Downs Police Chief Doug Babcock said the now July 20th bed races will be the third annual contest at All American Park.

"You have local teams that build a bed that has rollers on it," Babcock said. "And we race across the basketball courts. It's all people power pushing it."

City Councilor Dean Holman questioned Babcock about the bed races he witnessed last year.

"There were several attempts at cheating by both sides to the delight of all of the people that attended," Holman said, tongue-in-cheek. "You know, the integrity just went out the window. I just wonder if you could get control of that and discourage throwing water balloons at the opposition."

Babcock replied that is part of the program.

"They're allowed distraction devices."

Some special and vintage vehicles also will appear at All American Park. On hand will be the Pine Top Car Club, Freshboyz Car Club, and possibly the Mountain Ridge Riders.