A Carlsbad man was hospitalized after police officers attempted to arrest him on Thursday night, according to Carlsbad Police.

Edward Mendoza Jr., 20, of Carlsbad, was taken to the ground by a police officer after he turned toward the arresting officer "as though he was going to spit in his face," a press release said. He suffered injuries to his face and was taken to Carlsbad Medical Center for treatment. He was later taken to a regional hospital for additional care, police said.

Lt. Jennifer Moyers said she didn't know his current condition.

Earlier that night, Mendoza reportedly was found screaming at several people in the 200 block of West Fiesta Drive. Officers attempted to escort him from the area, but he attempted to pull away and began banging his head on a vehicle, police said. That's when he reportedly attempted to spit at the officer.

Mendoza was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting, evading or obstructing a police officer after a disturbance.