FARMINGTON — The local prosecutor who was placed on administrative leave pending a criminal investigation is no longer employed with the District Attorney's Office, said District Attorney Rick Tedrow on Thursday.

Sheriff's deputies opened an investigation looking into possible criminal actions committed by Assistant District Attorney Rory Foutz on March 27, the same day allegations surfaced.

"At this time, Mr. Foutz is no longer employed with the District Attorney's Office and the Sheriff's Office has provided our office with a screening sheet," which is used to review cases before other action can be taken, Tedrow said.

Tedrow, citing personnel issues, declined to specify whether Foutz resigned his position or was fired.

Tedrow declined to comment on the allegations because no charges have been filed and it remains under investigation.

The news comes the same day the Sheriff's Office handed over the investigation to Tedrow's office for review.

But because of the direct conflict of interest, Tedrow has asked District Attorney Matt Chandler of the 9th Judicial District, to review the case.

Chandler's office serves Curry and Roosevelt counties. He did not return calls made late Thursday afternoon seeking comment.

Sheriff's detectives wrapped up the investigation Wednesday, although if any new information comes to light, detectives will continue to investigate, Sheriff's Lt. Cory Tanner said.

The 28-year-old former prosecutor spent only a few short months at the District Attorney's Office.


He was hired in mid-October after working in Santa Fe.

Tedrow made the decision to place Foutz on administrative leave March 30 after the allegations surfaced days earlier.

Foutz retained local defense attorney Steve Murphy following the onset of the investigation, who was unavailable for comment.

Foutz is a graduate of Texas Tech Law School in Lubbock, Texas. He worked in Santa Fe prior to returning to Farmington.